Hillsong – At the Cross – With Subtitles/Lyrics

One response to “Hillsong – At the Cross – With Subtitles/Lyrics”

  1. I was going to write something after listening to this … but after thinking about it, the song expresses itself completely. It is one of my favorite songs to sing unto the Lord. You search me GodYou already know my waysEven when I fail you I know that you love me.Therefore, when I come to you at the crossI bow my knees in reverence. There is NO greater love than what He did at the cross. You go before me Lord, You shield my ways! You uphold me with your hand.I come to the cross. Bow my kneesKnowing how much I love You LordHis love is abounding toward you –Reach out to Him today Willingly let Him lead your ways. He will never stear you wrong. Have a blessed day. 🙂


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