At the Cross

If you check yesterdays’ blog, (I couldn’t figure out how to post other than adding the video, I am slowly entering this blogging life), so I will comment here, now that I think I have the posting down pat!

This song is most definitely one of my favorite worship songs.
If you stop to really think about the Cross and what Jesus went through to pay the price for our salvation… well, it’s just bigger than my brain can wrap around.
Thank God for mercy!
Here is my very minute paraphrase:

You search me Lord,
you know my ways, everything about me,
Even when I fail You Lord, I KNOW you love me….
Therefore, when I come to the cross, I bow my knees
In humble adoration to You and You alone

There is no greater love than Jesus

Lord you go before me

and you shield my ways, so no harm can come against me…
You uphold me with your hand….
I am safe in you…
At the cross I will bow my knees where your blood was shed for me… there’s no greater love than this….

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