Live life – on earth as it is in Heaven!

It’s a very interesting place to be when you can look back and see all the things the Lord has done.

Since we daily celebrate Easter and His being ALIVE, I am looking at Him so differently…all that he went thru, the pain He endured, for my life, your life …. for everyone!

Do we really get the fact that in his pain, that he endured, and then he died, BUT, he rose again. Nothing could keep him in the grave!!! That power lives in me. It lives in YOU too!!!! Sickness cannot hold us down , lack of funds cannot hold us down…NOTHING stands in our way. We can freely move forward and accept what is ours in His Name – His blood… Freely move forward not looking at the grave behind but at the life ahead!!

Isaiah 43:18 forget the former things don’t be dwelling on the past… See —he is doing a new thing!
I’m so grateful for His mercy… as i walk out this life, sometimes the road is easy and sometimes it’s hard, but God. He walks with me as He does also with you.
His mercy and love — they last a lifetime. I will trust him… his path is awesome….. Good things are coming … as we only believe in what He has done for us!

Always!! Love you Jesus!

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