Well, I have not gotten very disciplined in blogging regularly. Could be because life has issued some situations that sidetracked me over the past few months which kept me much to busy running and maintaining up til now.

I’ve always loved summertime! July is my favorite month for lots of reasons! No school. Sunny skies and my birthday!

So, it’s July. Cool week of dates : 7-7-11  and  7-11-11  ~~~ And a  monumental date for me 7-17, since I turn 50! How COULD this be? When???!!!I surely do not feel “this” old. I joked that AARP is calling my name. But really, give me those discounts! Bring it on! Especially these days. 
Many friends in my age range have difficulties with the big 5-0. But I say, why go back? Unless you could change things (but really, we’d all just make different mistakes – right?!?), and give me my 20 year old body.. nah, let me be this age. I have gained much over these 50 years, (including some pounds that I hope to shed soon!), wisdom is a grand thing. It really is. Isaiah 46:4 says that even in my old age, He sustains me. He made me, and will carry me and rescue me.    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that when we are young we want to be carried or rescued. We are strong and invincible. Proverbs 20:29 says “the glory of young men is their strength”.  We want to prove ourselves. Some of that is pride, but some of it is just maturing. Maturing doesn’t mean ya have one foot in the grave, it just means we have wisdom and understanding.(Job 12:12)
So, I welcome this summer. Putting what is behind me – and stretching forward towards the goal. What goal? Well, I have some earthly goals to conquer, but the main goal, is striving to be what God has destined me to be. I am learning to listen to His quiet voice. Intent to heed his direction. Trusting His ways are my ways  – and that is a big lesson learned after all these years. (sometimes it just takes me longer!!).
I just know the best is yet to come. I stand firmly in His promises, and know He has good things in store for my future! I anticipate wonderful things, in Jesus precious name!
It’s just a number. Appreciate it. Life could be worse – and we strive for better, at least I hope we do. Improvement is always needed, stagnancy is a waste.  So, here’s to another celebration day of birth.
Psalm 31:14-15 But I trust in you, O Lord; I say You are my God” My times are in your hands. 

Isaiah 58:11 the Lord will guide me always; he satisfies me needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen my frame.  I will be like a well – watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

(keep checking into www.dbpbd.com – finally got some items up for sale on the website. Working on marketing and publishing now! Good things are ahead! Whoot whooot!!!)

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