Childlike Faith —

 When a child lies down for bedtime, they wake up, and what is the first thing we do as a parent? Change them, (maybe after a kiss or hug)! Babies don’t know how to change themselves. They may cry. They may not, but they know that it will get done by way of the parent putting on a fresh diaper. It is trust that they don’t get a rash or sit in their mess for long.

We all need to be changed. God is our Father. He longs to change us into the people we are made to be. Unique as we each are… our common denominator is that we need to change, to conform into HIS image and lifestyle. He longs for us to talk to him, not in baby gruntings, but in a relational vocabulary.

Hello Daddy.. How are you this morning? Do you know what just happened to me? Do you know how it makes me feel? (Proceed to talk to your daddy, he listens well. Then wait for his response. He has every answer, He meets every need. Wait on Him.

I know that I need to trust him more, just as a child trusts a parent; I trusted that someone would always change my diaper until I learned how to not need a diaper any longer, yet each step of life offers a new learning experience that has to be conquered, most often with the help, guidance and teaching of someone else.

Let God guide you today and always, and allow Him to bring people into your life that challenge you to do better. In return, be willing to help someone else who needs your expertise in some area! Then, life becomes a full circle moment.

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