Amazing Love

                                 Amazing love how can it be
                                   That you my king would die for  me          
                       It is amazing – how MUCH he loves us!

I was talking with a friend tonight, and we were in agreement that God’s kingdom must always be first in our lives. If you call yourself a “Christ’ian, you must put Christ first in all that you do. His love is SOOO incredibly amazing; so amazing that it is really beyond what words can express!
The other day I woke up to a cloudy, quiet stormy morning. There is something about the thick heavy clouds that brought on total relaxation. But the really cool part was the soft rolling thunder. It just kept ever peacefully roaring, over and over again. It was incredibly soothing and I just didn’t want it to stop.

As I enjoyed those few moments, I realized how calm and tranquil I had become, nothing could have bothered me in that moment – my thoughts went to the Lord and how he so desires for me to be in that state of mind — always. I have access to that peacefulness. I need to be in His presence, so that he can sooth my aching mind and take the stress off of my daily life. This is something I need to do daily – renewing my mind to what he for me. Releasing the problems so that I can move freely – at all times!

In Him we gain clarity. Contentment becomes us. Peace and understanding become a key part of our mind and soul!
Taking time to soak in His presence, reading the Word, praying and being still enough to listen to his still small voice, will bring all of the above attributes into our life.
My truest desire is to be in that place of not letting anything take over my mind or body because I am so relaxed in who my Jesus is, that he will take care of all things, all of the time. That is the truest place of contentment and peace.
Won’t you join me?

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