How much criticism do you get?

Seems like those who get criticized the most are the  folks  who are called to change things, or  come up with new ideas, they are willing to get out of the box; they find new ideas to invent;
They are willing to fail, dust themselves off and try again until it works!
Those who are critical – or criticize others, are the people who never seem to change; they have a schedule, they take the same route home, shop at the same stores and so on.  They don’t like change, it is easier to be critical of those inventors, or the ones who like to spice things up in life, even if it may not work out on a positive note.
It reminds me of something, sort of on a smaller scale, but I had taken a cruise many years ago with my BFF (best friend forever). The food choices on a cruise are endless! I realized that was the opportune time to try new foods I had never tried before! My BFF was, I think, astonished at my “courageousness” to do so! First choice of trial food: caviar! I wanted to know what the fuss was all about!
(mind you, that the quality of food on cruises tends to be very good).
So, I place my order at dinner. It sure did not look appealing! But I tried it – and was not so impressed with it in the least bit; the texture, the “taste”, all, mmm, yeah, not so impressed!   Point being: I took the bull by the horn, had the opportunity and gave it a try!
You know, God gave us this whole world to enjoy. There is so much to learn, places to go, things to see, people to meet,
and try-try -try – new things along the way.
Do you have an idea that you think would be helpful to people? Try it out and see if it works; if it doesn’t tweek it, do it another way –
(how many times did Edison and Ford try – before their inventions worked!!!)
When you try, even if it doesn’t work the way you plan, there is still that feeling of accomplishment! You did it – rain or shine, fail or succeed!
We are each made so uniquely, bringing something different to the table, that it balances out. It’s not a competition we are in, one may have the gift of baking, another writing, or teach or fixing cars! All together, we have been given talents to utilize! Not to tear down or criticize!  We are accountable to God for fulfilling and DOING what we are able to do! Don’t let the naysayers of the world knock you down – you are a blessing – and I encourage you to dream big, try and then try again –
and hey, go try some caviar! You might like it! (you can have my share!)

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