Doggie love

If you aren’t an animal lover, you might not understand this kinda love.  I just took my two girls in for a grooming; I’m home now, and do not like the quietness of the house without them here. It’s only for a few hours, but  there sure is a silence about the house. I really love my girls. I have two dogs and a cat. (the cat is half dog – in how she acts!).

My Chloe is just the protector and hunter girl. She saves us from the squirrels that haunt us (thanks to our friendly neighbor who puts food out for the “precious” little creatures, to bring over to our yard and taunt and tease my animals – relentlessly).  But Chloe is our  protector. She has such a strong love for the boys and I –  it’s an amazing thing to observe how devoted she is to us. Ugh, how I love her !!!

A few weeks ago, I did a photo shoot on horses. What sweet animals they are as well. They are very smart. And very jealous! As I was petting and talking to one, another horse would push over in front of that one as if to say, “Um, hello – I’m here too and need attention!!” Just too adorable.
Gotta love em, talk to them, and enjoy them. They know exactly what is goin on!
It grieves my heart when people hurt animals. Whether by not taking care of them, or hitting them. Animals are like kids and people. If you are mean – they will breed mean-ness from that abuse. Give them discipline, and they may not “like it”, but that breeds contentment and respect and love to the owner and other people.


As hyper as my Chloe is, she knows my voice. She may make a few grunting noises as she wants her way at times, but she knows, if momma ain’t happy with her — ain’t nobody gonna be happy!  🙂 
But in the end  – she gives me the paw and in her own little cute way, says, I’m sorry mommie, I love you, here’s a peace offering – my paw. Now, she is not a dog that is lovey dovey  – by no means! But a small kiss on my hand is worth lots of sloppy kisses from most other dogs, and I have learned to appreciate that small token of love from her.


I can’t imagine ever not having a dog. What a void it would be to not have those happy feet and wagging tails jumping all around, and greeting me when I get home.  I can’t wait to pick them up from the groomers – they will smell wonderful and we will all be happy and content together at home. Simple, joyful, happy love. Happy fall ya’ll !

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