No, this is not from this year, unfortunately, just some sprinklings have been in our area! This was last years snowfall! Mighty pretty it was!

January 2, 2012
Happy New Year to you! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday; I know I am soooo looking forward to a new year; Seems like  many others are too; I heard and read many comments the past few weeks on people ready to be so done with ’11 – and hoping for a new start in ’12.
I know in my own life, there has been a transformation; a shifting, which leads me to expectation of a great new year, I feel it in my bones – and anticipate wonderful things for this year!
I am reading through the bible in a year (again), today I am into the story of Noah. He was diligent, he took direction well after God told him what to do. It took so much time to build that boat; people made fun of him, ridiculed him; Can you imagine the thoughts Noah may have had as he was preparing and building it? Think of it – rain – over all the earth – to flood it? for real? why would God be that extreme? (we know why – but couldn’t there have been another way? – and who are we to question God! So Noah did what God asked). So, the day comes – he gets  stuck  into the boat with his family – and ALL of the animals in creation. I love animals, but can you imagine the smell – tight quarters – (were there pooper/pee scooper’s back then? – ick) – and for forty days – (which to my understanding was actually closer to a year)- UGHGHGHGH!
    After thinking about it for a moment, (and a nudging of the Holy Spirit), isn’t that a synopsis of life? Sometimes even when we are doing what we believe to be correct,  all of a sudden life takes a nasty, unforeseen turn; and BAM! People kick you when you’re down; scoff, try to tell you what you did wrong (and trust me – we ALL do stuff that is wrong now and again – but it is all about how to turn it around the right way), and say  or do worse (read the story of Job – true colors shown brightly by the people he thought were his friends)! People can hurt you so badly – especially  when times are rough, I can only imagine what Noah went through as he obeyed God and people thought he was cah-razeeey!
What God is showing me  – is obedience and relationship to him is better than anything anyone can do to harm (or even help)! God loves us so much – SO very much – and that is part of my Spiritual goal for this year – is to get up in his lap, (you see, I am His daughter, and we love each other so!) and to talk to him about my life – (every little and big thing!); I will listen to His wisdom and guidance. He is faithful to show me /us  the way to go.
Like Noah, I want to trust Him like I have never trusted Him before, even when it does not make sense! So,are you ready to step it up a notch or two with me? – for the Kingdom! Results will come – as he works it all out! Exciting! And I look forward to sharing testimonies with you!
Donna  —
I have not gotten clear direction on which way to take this blogging yet – whether to pop in and say hello –  or to bring in a devotion – or just have some little antidotes; so please be patient with me as I feel my way into this, and make it a part of my regular schedule;

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