Jan. 12, 2012 Snowy Sidewalk
Today we have snow; the first real snow of the season which got me to thinking how the weather affects so many people; In many different ways; Our bodies are sensitive to the changes – by way of sinus’, eye changes, joints become stiffer. I noticed (as I got over the age of 35), that my head became a barometer, I always know when we have rain or snow coming in; Interestingly cool, in once sense, but not so much in the other, because it affected my eyes (hard to work if you can’t read the computer screen because of a headache!)

Then there are the actual seasons! Living in the Midwest, where we have “four” (supposed) seasons, we have lots of diverse emotions that come along with it! Some can’t stand the snow, some don’t like dismal autumn season, when leaves fall down, and days become shorter, and winter is lurking around the corner. Summer can be crazy hot (my least favorite temperature on the thermometer!). But we know it is inevitable – we will have changes; every year – it is consistent! Heat will come, snow will fall – rain storms happen, threats of hurricane, tornados and the like are all possibilities during the course of the year! And with each season brings chores, spring, summer AND fall, all have lots to do lists (for THREE QUARTERS OF THE YEAR!!!), weeding, planting, pruning, cutting, mowing, raking… you get the idea). Winter in the Midwest consists of a few days of snow. So, get the shovel or blower out and do that driveway and sideway; there’s still a lots less time consumed outside with chores then the other seasons! And it’s good exercise, and even with the cold, it is invigorating to get outside and get fresh air!

So, I ask, why is it we complain? I think, well, if I seriously hated the snow (which I don’t), I would definately be moving myself to a warm climate – where there is no snow! There ARE options. But, my bigger thought is, God made the seasons, for a reason! They are synonymous with our lives. In life we are born, the spring time represents our childhood, we’re budding blossoming and growing; summertime is our youth, strong and full of energy; autumn is adulthood where we mature and harvest; winter is the blessings of wisdom and maturity. Interesting, isn’t it!?!

And, one last thought, probably the most important, God in his amazing wonderful, powerful strength and imagination, created all these seasons for us – to enjoy! I was spiritually slapped upside the head a few months back, when in a very short period of time, the Holy Spirit made SURE I understood this concept: if you complain (you remain) about the seasons, you are telling God you know more than he, and lack respect for His creation. So, I don’t complain! I still am not fond of the heat, it doesn’t blend with my body well, but I appreciate the summer and Praise Him for A/C!, and enjoy the fact I CAN wear my favorite shoe – the sandal (not fond of socks and closed in shoes), there are good and bad with everything, which includes our wonderful seasons!

Here are some scriptures I pulled up that talk about seasons:

 Gen.31:10;  Exodus 34:21;   Leviticus 2:13:   Leviticus 26:4;  
 Numbers 13:19-21;    Deut. 11:14; Deut. 28:12; Ezra 10:13; Job 5:26; Job 6:17;  
Psalm 1:3; Psalm 104:19; Eccl 3:1; Jeremiah. 5:24;
  Exekiel 34:26; Acts 14:17; 2 Timothy 4:2

So, as the snowflakes fall, see each flake in its uniqueness like each person’s fingerprint – and think.. God – YOU ARE AMAZING! 🙂

I just came across this article online, and it just adds to what my thoughts are:
Cold, wet and dark are three of my least favorite things, and winter has them in spades.
This winter though, I’ve been attempting to find God’s handiwork in the season rather
than just being upset that it’s not spring yet. Needless to say, it’s been a very enlightening experience.

Appreciation of Creation is a way in which we worship the Creator.
It’s almost trivially easy to do in spring, summer and fall; the colors and smells
draw us into a celebratory and worshipful mood.
To find praise-worthy elements of winter has meant being purposeful
about noticing the world around me.

One quick example: call me dense, but it took me until this winter to really realize how serene a
heavy snowfall can be. There are few sensations as relaxing as standing in a freshly blanketed field
 looking around at the world covered in a white sheen. This year, the snow was even enough to
 force cities into a rare and well-needed quietude. Just being able to soak in the silence and sit
 in the awe of the expansiveness of God’s Creation has been wonderfully refreshing.

What about you? Do you take time to thank God for all of the seasons?
 Is there anything you find praise-worthy about winter?

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