New Blog Type!

Well, with much contemplation on what to make of my blogging sessions,

(since I have had such a time constraint this past year with committing to blogging regularly – and , yeah, dude, it takes some time to blog! Gotta set up the design, blog, edit, check, re-check, post, oops had a typo – go in re-edit – WOW! Go figure!  )…I decided to …. dadadadun…….

since I have this blog “attached” to my website, ( I thought, well, why don’t I just simplify and do what I love to do – photo blog’s!

They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so wow would that free up some time (to spend editing and creating more photo projects, which is where the money comes in anyway!!!).

As I look through my vast amount of photos, I come across some that just stand out; So, what I think I will do is bullet a few words or statements – maybe it’ll be a memory, maybe it’ll be about the artistic reference – we’ll take it as we go!

I think I will be able to do this on a very regular basis – not just once a month!

So – with that said – onward we go!

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