What Do I love about the Lilac Bush? 
 The smell – is sweet, refreshing  and  beautiful!
But mostly, these beautiful, delicate flowers, remind me of being a kid. I was blessed to live with my Grandparents nearly my whole life; That in itself is a huge gift! 🙂
But in Chicago, and even when we moved to Frankfort, there were full grown, mature lilac bushes at both homes. The fragrance is so strong, and it’s delicate flower – well, it just captures me!
It’s kinda sad in a way, that the flower only stays in bloom for such a short period of time;
Anytime I am around these beautiful flowers, I think of my grams; She was a cool grandma! Not like the olden kind of grandma you think of (in the “olden” days) She was hip and cool  – and lots of fun! (hmm, those genes run strong!!! 🙂 So glad to have these things to think of — what a treasure!
Do you have a flower that reminds you of someone special? I’d love to hear your memories! 🙂  


  1. Morning Donna, Lilac's are one of my favorites too. The only bad part is when you cut them and bring them in the house they only last about “10 minutes” before wilting. Whats up with that?

  2. Hey you early bird girl! ( I was only sleeping for about 2 1/2 hours when you wrote this ! lol, yeah I am a late nighter) I know – for real – lilacs are more sensative than those roses! Ah, beauty is fleeting! So, I guess I can be happy my “looks” are not beauty queen compatible.. I'd be melting right about now! lol