Jan. 25, 2012 Lilac

What Do I love about the Lilac Bush? 
 The smell – is sweet, refreshing  and  beautiful!
But mostly, these beautiful, delicate flowers, remind me of being a kid. I was blessed to live with my Grandparents nearly my whole life; That in itself is a huge gift! 🙂
But in Chicago, and even when we moved to Frankfort, there were full grown, mature lilac bushes at both homes. The fragrance is so strong, and it’s delicate flower – well, it just captures me!
It’s kinda sad in a way, that the flower only stays in bloom for such a short period of time;
Anytime I am around these beautiful flowers, I think of my grams; She was a cool grandma! Not like the olden kind of grandma you think of (in the “olden” days) She was hip and cool  – and lots of fun! (hmm, those genes run strong!!! 🙂 So glad to have these things to think of — what a treasure!
Do you have a flower that reminds you of someone special? I’d love to hear your memories! 🙂