No picture today, today it’s a song…..

Was just listening to some Gaither Music, and Jason Crabb was on, and sang this song; (Never even knew who the Crabb Family was til as of late. Yeah, I know, where I have I been?!?! Lol But what a sah-weeeeeet family! )

I cannot even say which song of theirs is a favorite of mine; But this one, is definitely on the top of my favorite list! No one can sing it like Jason does! Oh, straight to the heart!

This song just resonates that sometimes we hurt and it’s OK to cry!

In this life, we are told in the Word of God, we WILL have trials and tribulations; I have found for myself, especially in the last few years, as I have been going through my own personal deep valley, how many well meaning people,who have said, or say, oh, don’t be down, have faith, don’t cry, pick yourself up –God’s got it all under control; – I know this!

Umm, that IS the worst thing you can tell someone as they are in the midst of a crisis, whether it is minor or major! Sometimes we need to be alone; sometimes we need someone to listen, and sometimes we just have to cry;

Crying/tears is mentioned in the Word many times; God knows we cry sometimes; It actually is a good release to let those tears flow;  Watch and enjoy…. and go ahead, release those tears if you need to!

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