Unglued… or not unglued….

Life is exciting  when spent with folks in search of  learning from our difficulties. Yep,  it can certainly be  challenging, even tough, but very rewarding once the “lightbulb” goes on, we can grow through the most demanding of situations.
I am in a great bible study with Proverbs 31 ministries online. Never thought I could get into it since there is no personal – human contact/interaction, but yet as I am on my third study, I am SO loving meeting new ladies;  we are stretching each other as we learn – and grow together – and we are from all over the world – meeting through the technological world in one place, at Proverbs 31 . Though we may not be able to physically touch each other – we can still bond – because we understand – we have “been there – done that!”.
Currently we are reading the book Unglued,  by Lysa Terkeurst –
The question of the day  is  – are you a freak out woman?  When things seem to blow up – nothing is going right – how do I/you handle the situation?
How many times (MANY!!!) has that “perfect storm” blown in- a little something goes awry,  then something bigger happens – and one thing leads to another – a.n.d. — explosion time happens.
Oooo… have I been there much to often. (embarrassingly enough!).

What comes after that – “the cloud of yuck”, the weight of regret. Can we say ouch?
I have felt that – how about you? Do you, like me, wallow in that state of regret? Or come away and seek God’s perspective on how to handle the messiness of life,  that inevitably comes.
This learning process  – (which is for certain, from the guiding of the Holy Spirit), has taught me – to step away from that curb – when I get to that blow up place – I need to — STEP AWAY  ! danger…danger…  if I don’t…. it could send me over the edge. 

Another thing I have learned is it ok to give ME a time out – get a grip, then come back when I can handle the messy situation with some dignity!
One of Lysa’s comments – which is reflective:
“ can I face things out of control – and not ACT out of control?”

Sometimes “life’s stuff” seems so crazy, and out of control – that we cannot understand how it could at all be possible for God to do a miraculous intervention – but when we don’t react – but  get purposeful – He opens (or closes) doors in either very obvious ways – or it might be an answer that comes out of  the blue.

 His ways are perfect. We need to rest in Him – especially when life gets out of control.

 The bottom line is to realize one very important point:   Whose side AM I ON? Trust Him to do the God thing.  It might be something personalized that needs a change up. Maybe it’s surrender. Could be the “other” person might need a “life check”. No matter the situation,  let God be God and show you  the way to improve, be more patient or understanding.
If you think something is impossible to change in your life – then it will be.   
Lysa suggests that we ERASE the word IMPOSSIBLE from our vocabulary.
I think I am going to do  just that. When my circumstances are surmounting – and it SEEMS impossible, I am going to REPLACE that with  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE for THOSE who believe and  are LIVING IN JESUS!

What is that circumstance in your  life that seems too big to deal with, or gives you restless sleepless nights? Is it sickness? A wayward child? A loss of income/job/home?  Doesn’t matter what it is – you CAN release  any problem, big or small, irritating or seemingly out of your control. God knows. He cares. You have total power – the power to release all issues, every day for the rest of your life –  give it to God, let Him give you the wisdom on how to handle these occurrences.

Let’s pray:
Father God, you are my Abba – Daddy, I trust you in every  part of my life. You offer me life, to live to the fullest, and I believe you want me to have an abundant life.  I am sorry for the times  I lost it, and hurt you, my family, friends or anyone else who was in the way of my wrath. I am understanding how my loosing control hinders me – and hurt others around me. I ask you help me today to learn to control my mind. Teach me to walk away from anything that might hurt me or anyone else. I seek after wisdom, not the worlds wisdom, but your wisdom.  Thank you for your grace and mercy. I praise you and thank you with all of my heart, I surrender my life, my mind and my actions to you . in Jesus sweet name. Amen.
By the way – the answer to the first question: I am NOT a freak out woman!
 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

New International Version (NIV)
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s.

4 responses to “Unglued… or not unglued….”

  1. My first comment showed up twice, I deleted one of them (I thought) and both disappeared. So, I'm going to try this one more time 🙂 Donna,I absolutely LOVE this post! I love how you express yourself, sharing God's Word and prayer. It's a great devotion!!! Thank you so much for posting this in the Blog Hop today. And thank you for doing Bible study with me and our group!Keep Writing!


  2. Donna, I loved the part you shared about learning that it is ok to gjve ME a time out!Who else could possibly understand that than a group of “Unglued” girls that love Jesus!Blessings, Hugs in Him…Debbie


  3. Oh, Debbie, I cannot even begin to tell you! lol! Being a young widowed mom of three sons – there w.e.r.e. days! My my my! I learned very early on – that instead of getting all whigged out in the moment, I learned to do just that- go for a time out! And the boys “got it” – if I was that mad or out of control, that I had to put myself in my room with the door LOCKED!!!! it was bad! :-/ It was a great lesson learned, the few times I had to go there- it was because of being emotional, whether tired, or pms, or whatever happened in the day to have one more thing set me off into that ugly tail spin! Once I cried, or put my face in the pillow to scream – gave myself 10 – 15 minutes, I was ok; thank God for wisdom! And growing … still!


  4. Funny, I am not sure my response went through the other day! I think I may have deleted it!?!?! :-}THANK YOU so much for saying this! After being on a long awaited – spur of the moment ten day retreat – cat sitting for my son, I – got to relax, breathe, and seek Him for the next chapter of life; Been through “hell” and back the past few years – and there were days – too many of them! I wish I could erase. But God. O Started getting some direction from Him about 18 months ago, things have been moving forward, but slow. This past week, I do believe I have clear direction – for the next step – and he has given me confirmation, and your comment – encouraging me to keep writing, is yet another confirmation! So many people, (my focus is women and kids), are in such desperate need of encouragement – & to stretch their faith, and grow in grace – and to become ALL that God has for each person. It has taken me many years to “accept” that He has a special design and plan – and since re-conforming my mind – (why can't it happen over night?) a step at a time, I am going to live the life He designed! for HIS Glory – and to finish this race called life – with abundance and fullness that comes from God !!!!! Im just praisin' Him with a humble heart – and tears of joy! He is Faithful and Wonderful!


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