Wearing a crown of wisdom

I’m reading through  Proverbs this month. Did you realize there are 31 Proverbs, and 30-31 days in each month. One Proverb for each day! Pretty neat, huh!?

Won’t you travel this road with me and really put each verse into your heart, mind and let’s decide together to live it out. These are some important instructions God is giving us through Proverbs. I think if everyone really tried to “live out” each verse personally – the world would be a much happier place!

~ Day 4 ~

You are God’s amazing child! You can call him DADDY! (Abba, Father). Listen to what he’s got to say to you personally.

He’s got some pretty cool plans for your life! He will guide you through each day and get you to your destination! Don’t walk away from what God teaches you each day. (it’s always good stuff!) Let what you’re learning get into your heart!

Wisdom is the most important thing to achieve. Get good judgment too! You will be exalted and have honor and a beautiful crown too!
Do what God says and you’ll be blessed with long life ~
God will teach you wisdom, and make your paths straight. Guard his instructions, live a life guided by wisdom – and you won’t stumble or fall and you’ll lead a fulfilled life.
Don’t follow what the wicked do – avoid their haunts – turn away from them – evil has a purpose – to do wrong – they want you to stumble.
If you are righteous – you will shine bright as the dawn. The wicked live in darkness – they don’t have any idea of their stumbling.

Pay attention to what God says to you – listen carefully and keep focused on God’s Word. Let these words be life affirming words that go deep within your heart, because it offers you LIFE and radiant health – to all who discover the meaning.

It’s so important to guard your heart. It affects everything you do –

Stay away from perverse talk and corrupt speech. Keep focused on the straight path ahead that is before you – don’t get side tracked – stay far from evil.

Remember God’s purpose – and seek Him always!

Proverbs 4

Let ‘s pray – Lord, Daddy, thank you that I can crawl unto your lap, safe and secure. I trust you Lord, there is no one like you. You know my every thought and need. My desire is to wear a beautiful crown of glorious wisdom, that only you can offer. I pray that today, I will focus on listening to your still small voice, and heed to what you say.

Sometimes I miss the mark, mess up, or give up…but I am going to stand up strong, with my head held high, stronger than ever before, because of your grace and mercy that flows through my life. Let me be an instrument used by you Daddy. I pray that I can touch someone’s life today, with kind words, a hug or a special treat. Keep me from harm too. (and forgive me for unkind words I may have said today- oh, I strive to do better for your name sake). Daddy, I love you, and want to honor you all my days. I am so grateful you are quick to forgive me. Thank you for that security! Amen

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