God has blessed us with His awesome mercy – receive that gift freely.
 Do not give up – seek God with all your heart mind and soul,
he will give you restoration in the places that are needed.

Don’t live in the past, nor in deceit or in shameful secrets.
 Live in the Light of His salvation and in truth and honor. God is pleased with that.

Do not hold back the veil of the gospel of Jesus to those who need to hear the Word and need salvation. If people reject the Word, then pray for them. You have heard the adage, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Same thing applies here. Speak God’s love and grace to those you come in contact with. I
f they receive it, bless them and let God’s mercy and everlasting love shower them,
they will blossom into all He has for their life.
Pray for those blinded by today’s tricks, schemes and lifestyles that go against God’s plan. They do not understand Jesus is the Savior, and he is made in God’s own image.
We don’t proclaim this in ourselves, but by God’s truth and His Word,
it is our testimony of what we know, the Grace he has bestowed upon
our lives as we seek to serve our Wonderful Master and Savior.

God’s light shines through us, darkness is no longer surrounding us because
 we have chosen to live as Christ, in His marvelous light.

We have this treasure in clay jars, it is an extraordinary power that is from God – not from us. We have many pressures but we are not crushed, we go through perplexities in our lives but do not have to live in misery. Persecution comes our way – but He never leaves us. We are struck down, but not destroyed. Why? Because Jesus lives in us; He died for us that we would LIVE. So that when life knocks us around, pushes us, strife comes along, we can stand back up – stronger than before because it is these times of stressors that we grow our testimonies. The messes in life that come along, well, they become our messages. As we stand strong in adversity, it gets people paying attention. When we are weak he is made strong! People notice when they “think” you should be weeping and falling apart, yet you are calm and collected 
 in the midst of adversity. It is then, we get the awesome opportunity
 to share God’s amazing grace with others. They can SEE we are different.

And it is all a process, being renewed, we don’t give up – the inner person is being restored, because of Jesus in us. We can’t boast of this in ourselves. We must proclaim it is Jesus. We don’t focus what we can see or feel. That is temporal. We focus on the unseen; this is what faith is all about. The eternal glory of God’s plan for our lives, as we walk it out, moment by moment, day by day. Glory to Glory!

Here are some scriptures to read through  – journal , highlight, seek God as you read through the verses, and find out what He may want you to learn from them personally.

2 Thes 2:2-5
2 Corinthians 4
Ephesians 4:1
Matthew 6:33
Matthew 5:16
1 Peter 2:9

Lets pray:
Lord, we thank you for your mercy. Thank you that you lead us each individually to the paths you destined for us. Let us be tender to the leading as we want to share the Gospel with anyone we come in contact with. Let us always be on the lookout for those moments that we can give testimony to the store clerk, repair guy, teacher, family member or coworker. They are all watching our every move. When life gets tough, let the tough get going, towards the mark that lead to you Jesus. We want to win souls for the kingdom. It is at hand for such a time as this. Amen

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