There is a hope

Waiting. Why is it so difficult?….. Listening – for His still small voice for direction and instruction. I am slowly giving up my “right’ to be “right”. Because I am certain that   Jesus knows what is best for me.  He holds the keys to the specific door  of which I should walk through. 

The longer I live, the more I learn – about His ways –  Oh, there are days I get so exasperated – I get worn out – I cry – and times I want to throw in the towel, because what I thought was the plan for my life – is just not working out.  The trenches seem to get thicker, deeper, and seemingly no way out. 

     ~~   But  God   ~~
   ~~  I am learning  ~~

He offers us endurance – as a reward while we wait for answered prayers. Expect to gain patience and a perspective as part of the answer  while you are in the “waiting room” of life. Sometimes it isn’t the waiting He expects, it’s utilizing the gifts and position that we have right in our hands at the moment. He wants to see if we will “act” on  it,  “work it” out.  It is the utilization of what life has given me at a given time,  and it is THEN He will show up and bless our prayer life, in ways we could not even imagine. He doesn’t want us to be lazy and wait, or view God as a genie in a bottle. 

As we  believe & trust Him, with childlike faith – (BELIEVE Him for what you need, desire and as you walk out your life – being diligent in your Christlike walk – He WILL give you the desires of your heart – and just like the women with the issue of blood –Jesus told her “your faith has made you well – – be free from your “affliction””. (your  affliction may be financial, sickness, stress, or_____, whatever it is – you can be free!  The SON has set you free indeed!)

  He is, after all : 
Immanuel, “God with us,  (Matthew 1:23)

Take the time to trust him – ask him to help you be a better listener – after all  – he does say – Be still, and KNOW that I AM God. Psalm 46:10

He has the answers, he has not left you or I!!!  He desires and wills  the very best for us- in all areas of our life. Allow him to teach you – as you wait and trust in His amazing answers for each prayer you bring before him,

These things I know: I am waiting. I am hopeful – and know He is teaching me new and beautiful things while the details are being worked out – step by step. Process and progression, I will move forward with great expectation as I await the answers to my “greater life”! 

PSALM 13  esv

vHow long, O Lord? Will you wforget me forever?

How long will you xhide your face from me?
How long must I take ycounsel in my soul
and have sorrow in my heart all the day?
How long shall my enemy be exalted over me?

zConsider and answer me, O Lord my God;
alight up my eyes, lest bI sleep the sleep of death,
clest my enemy say, “I have prevailed over him,”
lest my foes rejoice because I am dshaken.

But I have etrusted in your steadfast love;
my heart shall frejoice in your salvation.
I will sing to the Lord,
because he has dealt bountifully with me.


     1 John 3:3 

 All who have this hope in him purify themselves,<sup class="crossreference" style="color: black; vertical-align: top;" value="(A)”> just as he is pure.


 Matthew 5:3 God blesses those who realize their need  for him for the kingdom of heaven  is given to them


·         Let’s Pray…   Lord so many times I fail to believe……  Help my unbelief. Strengthen my faith when times are so difficult I can’t see straight. When I’m so tired I don’t  know which end is up, let my response NOT be frantic,  nor freak out time, but help me Holy Spirit to walk in deep faith, trusting You in ALL areas of my life. Your sweet Spirit lifts me up, carries me when I am tired, and helps me with good rest when I need it. I praise you Father, my Jesus, Immanuel – God you ARE with me.   all the days of my life, I will thank You….

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5 responses to “There is a hope”

  1. Donna,Great post. I put much faith in prayer because it is only through prayer that He answers us. But it never in our time, but his time. Thanks for the great reminder. 🙂


  2. Yes indeed girls! God is so faithful, isn't He?! We get ahead of ourselves, when He wants to walk WITH him, not behind him, in front of him, but WITH him, so as to do life, right on time!!!!! So thankful!


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