Contentment. Humility.

Love for others above self.




Taking on the attributes of Jesus;

To be like Jesus. Listening for the voice of God (or Holy Spirit) to guide every day.

It is then, that we find He in return blesses us.


As I write this, I think of all the times I have given someone a gift. I don’t give out of obligation. I give because I care for the person, and I just want to BLESS them. I don’t expect them to give me something in return. I just want the joy to radiate through their appreciation of the gift.

That is just like the love of the Father, isn’t it? It is when we don’t seeeeeeeeeek after the blessing, – we seek after the fellowship and love – with a pure heart, he just oozes out His best red carpet for us.

Oh, Father, forgive me for seeking you the resourcer of life.(always coming to you asking asking asking). You, Lord,  are my source, my foundation, my love, my rock. In you I have all that I need. ♥♥♥

Oh, Jesus, my Soul. I adore YOU – for WHO you are. Praises unto You Jesus, you are my everything. In you I trust and have my being.

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