Learning to stress LESS!

(chapter 1 stressed less living ~ Tracie Miles)

Psalm 15:8

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
         Doesn’t this life throw lots of curve balls at us? 
Does attitude, judgmental criticism,  hurling words  take you on a roller coaster ride, only to leave you tumbled and grumbled, or ready to fight and argue to the death?  Or ….  worse yet: do you allow those emotional attacks assault you?  When done wrong, or someone speaks ill about you, do you just harbor it and think about it and wonder, and talk about it then  cry and want to just yell or get even? IF “they” only knew all that you have been through, they wouldn’t talk about you so.
 I know it’s happened to me. But He is teaching me that holding onto these things, whether I caused the situation, or someone else did, brings on stress to my mind and body, to only steal my joy.

~ I want to release quickly the hurts from other people ~ a.s.a.p ~  He holds me up and does not let attacks go unnoticed in His eyes; I can leave it all at His feet, and be joyful.
Psalm 55:22
I’m giving my burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of me. He will not permit me to slip and fall.
            God is teaching me to let go of these entanglements that hold on to too much stress which only hurts in the long run. God knows and sees the pain in my life, I am going to let HIM take care of it; With his help  I won’t need to fear nor will I fall into deeper temptation to want to take care of the problems myself.  ~ letting go ~ to let God take the reigns ~
2 Samuel 22:7
“In my distress I called to the LORD; to my God I called. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry came to his ears.
            So many times in my own life, I have had sadness (my husband passing 16 years ago, financial struggles, ended relationships, all hurt, but God is all knowing, he knew all these things before they even happened! Yet He is always there as I cry to HIM to envelope His security in my life.  ~ renewing my mind ~  ♥ so I can live in peace ♥
Psalm 34:17
When I cry  the LORD hears and delivers me out of all my troubles.
Not because I am perfect, nor that I have it all going on and I’m “all that”, but because he calls me friend. He cares about everything in my life. When I do good and when I struggle. I seek Him, and know as I ask for wisdom; he will give it to me. I seek forgiveness with a pure heart and sound mind, so that he lives  through me, that I will live my life with the Light of   JESUS  in my life.
Isaiah 41:10
I will not be afraid, because God is with me. I’m no longer discouraged, why? Because He is my God who will strengthen and help me!  He holds me up with His victorious right hand.
            God is so very good  – I can take every fear, and problem to him, any time, anywhere. His Grace is enough for me to get through all my today’s and tomorrows. So grateful to have a sweet and loving Daddy who knows how to love me right where I am at!

Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. 
A man is powerful on his knees. 
–Corrie ten Boom


problems, tension, worry, strife, overload, overworked, chaos,
edginess, anxiety, weariness, tired, oh so tired
Will I continue to live life carrying the stressors in my “world”? Or will I lean on the Everlasting arms  and the promises of my loving Father, who knows the answer to every issue in my life?

What I have learned in  life:
  • Jesus is the only one I ever need
  • Get control of the stress before the stress gets a hold of me
  • Relax and sit at the feet of Jesus
  • Ask God for the peace I need

I am going to be living the path of life
laced with insight, understanding along with faith and trust in God, and
Releasing my imperfections, weaknesses to the Father;
I need you Jesus, more and more every day!


What choices do you have today when it comes to your stress? Will you value your life enough to let go of feelings, and trust God to give you wisdom and power to let it go? Join me won’t you – in living a free life that is full of joy and happiness, not strife and pain.  We are reading thru Tracy Miles book as a study with Proverbs 31 ministry “Stressed Less Living”;  Won’t you join me? I am with all the reast of you, in learning a new normal – that only brings joy  and peace!
  Visit www.melissataylor.org/  and sign up to do life together with an awesome group of women, and learn to let go of stress, and into a life of FREDOM, in JESUS! 

4 responses to “Learning to stress LESS!”

  1. You are so right Donna he does not let it go unnoticed what others do to his children. I loved how you broke down each verse. The most touching was “he calls me friend” and my “daddy meets me right where I'm at”, he wants to fix us, because our daddy knows the plan, we have to show up. I pray for many more blessings your way.


  2. Thanks Lori, and Rebecca! ♥ He is so good! Praying for all our OBS ladies to be free from stress and peace to overflow in and through their lives!


  3. Wow Donna beautifully done. Love all of it, the pictures, the blog itself and doing it on all the scriptures short and sweet because I tend to be wordy, but He's not finished with us is He? As we can see this week, WOW! Debbie W. (OBS Leader)


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