Quiet yourself before the Lord

Be stil and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am God

Going going going. Busy busy busy. The day starts when your feet hit the ground and you just don’t stop. Weary, tired, and the list of things to do is not completed.

God says:
Rest my child.
Take solitary time to pray and to be alone.

God wants you to know that you need to stop and enjoy a sunset, the moon glow in the black of night, the bright and shining stars that he has set before you on the canvas called creation. It is there to remind you of His power. To let you know, He has created you for a purpose. You will come to know the purpose in your life as you spend time with Him.
Fix your eyes and heart on Jesus. His is the Author and Perfector of your life. (Hebrews 12:1-3). Commune with Him. Let him speak to your heart, and into your life. As he did with the apostles, (Mark 6:30-31), to come and sit. Be alone, rest.
Let your heart be lifted up, be calm and quiet your soul. (Psalm 131:1-2). Be keenly aware of His presence.
He wants you to stand firm in Him. He brings you joy and a crown of life. You bring HIM joy as you bring yourself to him, and share your heart, concerns, you adoration and love for Him. Do you know that He longs for you to be relational with him. (Philippians 4:1-10).
Whether your quiet time is ten minutes, an hour, or a short retreat of an entire day, set your appointment with Jesus. Every day. (might you even do short increments of ten minutes throughout the day, each day). You won’t regret that sweet and refreshing time. It’s important. Do it!
Be reminded of Psalm 23, Jesus is your Shepherd. He leads you to a beautiful, serene pasture, near a quiet stream. This tranquil setting will refresh your spirit, and renew your mind. He will walk you through the darkest moments, and bring you into his marvelous light, as he reveals himself to you, you will be reminded that goodness and mercy follows you all of your days. (Amos 4:13, Deut.12:1, 2 Chronicles 6:31, Deuteronomy 19:9). Even when death comes, the joy of living in His presence and goodness for eternity is your guarantee. Rejoice. (Psalm 27:4).
So, enjoy God as he whispers into your ears and your heart. Be refreshed by His amazing goodness. Let your spirit soar like wings of eagles (Isaiah 40:31), while you bask in His goodness.(Zechariah 9:17). He will never fail you. His mercy is new each morning (Lamentations 3:23)

~ Blessings to you today, and always ~

Time for prayer:

Father God, I love you. I want to honor you with my life, and my time. Holy Spirit, I pray that you help me to be still each day, prod me as I go about with my busy and sometimes hectic schedule, reminding me if I get ahead of You, to step back, and quiet my spirit. I know my day will go much smoother when I spend time with you.
I rejoice in your goodness and faithfulness. You continue to amaze me with your sweetness. Your caring way that you anoint my life, watch over me and protect me. Thanks is not enough to express to you how I honor You Lord.
Blessing and Honor, glory and power belong to you, my King, my Pappa, my Love, my Joy, and my All in All. Send forth angels as I go on with my day. In your Sweet and Amazing name, I pray! Amen!

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