If I was only welcomed in

The Lord is speaking into your heart today, he wants you to know,

That he wants to be welcomed in.

He waits for you to lean into his arms. He wants to tell you how much he cares.

He’d be able to make it better, only if he could have the chance to help,

because the answers are right there,

He says:

There is so much to tell you, it would be an honor to be  trusted,

with the love I so desire to share within your heart, but  I need to be asked in to your life.

Let the circumstances could be released, and the emptiness you feel

could be filled up with joy,

If you would only let me in.

You could release your deepest fears, and enter in to the fullness of My love.

Promises I give will make your life complete. I am your friend, your help and your love.

I want to be your Protector, to keep you from all harm, I would be so happy, if

We could walk this life together, I love you

More each day, I hope you let me in.

Let’s Pray:

Father God, I am so sorry I ignore your voice and sometimes even your loving prompts. May my ears be soft to hear, and slow down to hear you tell me how much you love me. I do rejoice at  how much you love me. I know you love me more than anyone I have in my life.My desire is truly, to have more of you and less of me.  

5287 Jere 31 3

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