Do you read the Bible?

Today, during my  devotions, I stopped and thought of all those who may not know  the Bible, or have been told by their denomination that they shouldn’t read the bible. So, I felt  the prompting to write a bit of a synopsis on each chapter (oh, brings back memories of having to do  a similar assignment in my New Testiment class at Moody Bible Institute!). It really is interesting, so I thought I would share with you!

So, for those who find the Bible to be challenging to read, especially in the Old Testiment, or not knowing what the big deal is with reading the Word of God for yourself, it is to know Him better, and is our instruction book for life! How awesome is that!?!?

Over the next few weeks, I will share a small highlight for each book in the Bible,  only posting a few books at a time, until Genesis through Revelation is complete. Hopefully, making it easier to understand, and peak interest within you to  be inspired to pick up your Bible and read it today! (hopefully, every day!).

To begin, here are some basic fun facts for you:

  • The Bible was written in about a 1600 year span
  • Dating from about 1500 BC up to 100 AD
  • Approximately 40 men wrote the words down
  • 1 Bible = 66 books, from Genesis to Revelation
  • The Old Testament was before Jesus birth
  • New Testament is the Life of Jesus
  • The longest chaptered book is Psalm 119 with 176 verses
  • Shortest chaptered book with only 2 verses is Psalm 117
  • Although our traditional Bible is written from Genesis to Revelation, this is not in Chronological order, but, there are Bible versions written in Chronological order

 Here we go: In the beginning………..


Moses wrote the book of Genesis,  which is all about beginnings. How God created the world and everything in it, then sin entered into the equation, but God’s amazing love for mankind – even  us all being sin natured, His ultimate plan  is to  redeems  all of us, if we submit to Him.

In this book, we learn about Adam’s life, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph and how God reveals and shows up  in each their lives. Just like YOUR life, he  IS with you – even to the end of the ages.  God’s plan is to have a personal relationship with you because he created you for such a time as this.  He gives you not only an everlasting life, but a life, right here on earth for a purpose and with a plan that is created with you in mind.

He desires all of us to serve all of Him.  I hope you make the Lord God, Creator of the Universe your God in a very personal way!



The first part of this book, Moses recounts the story of God delivering his people from slavery in Egypt.  The second part of the book, tells about their journey at Mount Sanai, where God’s law was given and the tabernacle was built.  This book is where the Ten Commandments can be found in Chapter 20.

Beach at Pensacola

He still  works in us even today! You can be delivered out of darkness and into the Light of Jesus – from slavery in sin  –  into pure freedom. How can this be? Because God’s only Son, Jesus, obeyed Gods will for his life, and set the captives free at Calvary…… that means, YOU AND ME!!!!!!!!  This, is the Great News!


Moses wrote this book while the Israelites are in the wilderness – before entering into the promised land. God reveals to Moses numerous religious, moral and civil laws while  on Mount Sanai.  This book may seem long, even a bit boring for some, but understanding that God, who is Holy wants us to learn from this writing, to serve him with every part of your life and in ALL that you do.


One of the best online resources that has various versions of the Bible, is at:

(This has many different Versions  like the traditional King James. An easy translation to read is The Message,   another traditional version is NIV, and I enjoy the ESV,  NKJV, CSV, or even the Amplified, which is in depth, and very wordy, but easy to understand).

Stay tuned – I will continue on with the next set of chapters in the Bible! Meanwhile, I hope you read the Word of God today! It will encourage you and offer wisdom and direction for your life! 

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