Books of the Bible ~ Pt 2 ~ Numbers through Ruth

The books of the Bible – Part 2
Numbers through Ruth

Moses lets us know in this book the number of Israelites and how he structured them around the tabernacle. Then it happened they walked around the wilderness due to rebellion and not taking wisdom and direction from him and God. But you know what? God STILL loved them all and took care of them, even in their disobedience, and sins, his promises were there for them to grab a hold of. This shows us that we need to do our best to trust and obey God.

Here, in this book, Moses expresses his farewell to the nation of Israel as they wait at the bank of the Jordan River, ready to cross over into the promise land of Canaan. He reminds us how God cares so much for us, so much so, he challenges them to submit fully, their lives to God to serve Him.
How is God’s daily walk with you – in every single area of your life, dedicated to submitting to his will? This book is that reminder how much He loves you and wants you to lean on HIM in every single area of your life. Ultimately, his promises for you, are YES and AMEN! 

Joshua tells this story and how the Israelites conquered their enemies in the promised land and divide it up among the twelve tribes.
When people trust God and obey him, and his direction for each of us personally, we WILL have the victory in every area of our life, just as they did so many years ago!
By the end of this book, I hope you choose to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, just as these folks did back in Joshua’s time! Depend on him and not yourself, surrendering to the Creator who knows everything about you, so the enemy (the Devil) will NOT overpower your life!

Judges shows us how people tend to develop patterns in their new land. Maybe they got a bit too overconfident in themselves, or just got so busy creating their new life, they stopped putting God first. Oh, how many times that has happened to me too! I get a step ahead of God – and get into a momentum – to only come to a crashing halt. Oh boy!
Realize today, and every day, victory comes only from serving God, who is the Almighty, King, Overseer of this whole earth. Victory is yours over every sin, and over all evil that comes your way! Receive his unconditional love today – and you will know the difference of surrendering to him, or doing life your own way. You ARE an overcomer in Him!

Oh what a book Ruth is! Her story is a sweet, but I am sure challenging one. It happened in the time of the judges, and recalls the tragedy of Elimelech’s family. A famine occurred and they left God’s land. God was still with them all the time. Naomi had returned to Judah, Ruth was the daughter in law, marries Boaz, and the family name was carried on. In this lineage is David, and Jesus. How amazing is that? God had this all planned out from the beginning!
Think of it, God cares so much about you that Jesus – the lineage of David – came into this world, to save you – a sinner in need of a Savior!
Praise him today for what he does in and for you and your family!


Surrendering to you,today and always
♥ Surrendering to you,today and always Lord ♥

Time for prayer:
Thank you Jesus for saving my soul, so I will have life and live it in abundance! You, are Lord and have done great things for me.
I praise you and honor you Lord God, for you are the creator of everything; it continues to amaze me, how you use the Bible to teach me your ways. May I not take it for granted, and live to share your Life with those I come in contact with, unashamedly?

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