The books of the Bible ~ Part 3

1 Samuel to 2 Chronicles

1st Samuel

This is a book about Samuel (no surprise, huh?), the last judge, and Saul – Israel’s first king. Due to Saul’s disobedience and sin, God had to let him not reign as the next king, but gave the position to David; There were threats on David from the Philistines and Saul. But God kept David from harm.
God keeps you from harm to, when you belong to Him. More reason to trust him with all of your life. If any disobedience comes into your life, repent quick, or difficulties will be he outcome.

2 Samuel 
This book is descriptive of David’s reign as king over Israel. There were many victories and it shows the many promises God kept to him. His descendants would be on the throne forever. David had some shortcomings (aka: some big ol’ sins). One being with Bathsheba, in which some pretty severe problems threatened his kingdom. Oh the consequences of sin – and how they cause terrible penalties. Again, but God! He fulfills his promises, and never changes. Jesus came to this world to forgive us – and as the Son, this lineage of Jesus comes through David. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? (do you see a pattern here of lineage?

1st and 2nd Kings
Begins with the building of Solomon’s temple. It proceeds to describe the sad events once Solomon serves other gods. Oh how this divides the kingdoms straight up in half.  Israel and Judah were divided into two nations. The kings in both nations were so wicked.
So, God sends prophets, like Elijah to warn rulers against idolatry. Oh, how severe it can become, if we disobey God’s word. So – be sure to have no idols before God – there is only One Master, that is God. (I Kings 18:39).
Once 2 Kings comes into play, good people were in charge, but the people continued to have idols. So the Assyrians destroyed the nation of Israel, and the people of Judah went into captivity. But God preserves, as he would, the royal lineage because of his promise to David. (2Kings 8:19). Oh, how I praise God for his wonderful love, even in spite of my sins.

1 and 2nd Chronicles
The genealogy from Adam to David, and how David conducts his affairs in every area. His desire to worship God reached out to the priests and Levites to build temples. He realized the importance of Worshipping God. 2nd Chronicles concentrates on Judah. To have the leaders, obey God. Though people were drawn to Babylon, God continues to bring people back to him. Soloman sought after God, he was the wisest of them all!

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