Books of the Bible – Part 4 Ezra – Job

Here we are at Ezra, and God is showing the way for the people to  return from Babylon to the Promised land, and one group led by Ezra.

The temple was rebuilt, with much opposition and worshipping the Lord God started back up; The people during this time, realized that they have to not sin, and not have mixed marriages as the previous generations had done.

Again, we can rejoice in second chances – even after commiting the worst of crimes, sins, or whatever – repent, humble and God honors  us as we humble  our hearts unto him.



Nehemiah was governor of Canaan when God’s people returned  from Babylon.  The walls of Jeruselem were rebuilt, and Ezra leads the people of God in worship. He drawere near in prayer, and expresses the deep need he has to depend on God.

How does God want you to serve people? Pray, ask him to guide you, so you will complete the  goal he has for your life.



What a woman of God Esther was. Strong, resilient and remarkable wisdom.   Her people were being exiled and the enemies threatened to destroy them all. God is not mentioned in this book, but  you know he reliance is on Him. He is her King. She became queen so that what Haman had taken away from their kinsmen, would be restored.

God is again, so faithful. Relate to that today, and even in evilness, God helps you – us, overcome!



What a book. What a man. Job was highly favored by God. Job loved God so much, and God knew that. Oh, did Job go through trials. But he stayed faithful to God. His Parasitical friends basically bashed his faith in God, including his own wife! Can you imagine? They came up with all kinds of sins, and reasons why Job must have brought all the problems on himself. Really? !!!! Not.

No where in the bible does it say anything about living a life without trials. In fact it says we will have  trials and tribulations. But God. He always is in  the midst of every single thing we go through.

Remember one other thing, we believe in God, and there is a  very real enemy, Satan – who wants to destroy our lives because we walk upright in God. Stay strong and determined to never let the enemy into your territory!

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