Books of the Bible, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiates, Isaiah

Oh the book of Psalms,  written mostly by David, the sheperd boy, Israel’s great King. 150 songs and prayers are in this collective book. What emotion  expressed in the Psalms, joy, sorrow, anger, grief, dispair, discouragement, and hope. God knows every tear and joy you live out! Never be dismayed, he loves you so. So much that he sent David to write these encouraging words for us to understand  his great love for us.


Proverbs, written by Soloman, his wisdom is throughout this book of the Bible. There are 31 chapters, one for each day of the month, so that you may learn of God’s wisdom for this life. All you need to live by are expressed throughout Proverbs. How to conduct yourself, to fear the Lord, and to realize God knows every aspect of our lives and what we go through. Seek His Wisdom in these chapters and your decisions will be clarified and your path will be  made straight as you live out these words.


Ecclesiastes, searches for purpose. What a messy world we can live in, but God. Though our pursuits may be well meaned, his ways are perfect. Happiness is from the Lord God, who created the world. He brings pure peace in our lives.  Begin in your youth to serve Him.  You won’t regret it.


Oh the Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs writes of an exclusive love between a lover and his beloved.Which ultimately demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ  and the love he has for his bride, the church. Rejoice in the love between a man and woman, but for the sweet relationship we have with Jesus Christ.

Isaiah, one of my favorite books in the Bible. He  is ministering during events recorded in 2 Chronicles 26-32. He shows the sins of the kingdom of Judah, the idolotry, hypocrisy, materialism and oppression of  poor people. Judgement will come. But God’s people are redeemed,  there is a glorious hope  and a future for believers as we wait for our Messiah to come. God redeems you. Never be afraid. Jesus Loves You so much my friend.



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