BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – Jeremiah through Daniel


Jeremiah prophesies in the kingdom of Judah as Jerusalem is being destroyed, and God’s people are going into Babylon because of their sinful lifestyle.  What a time of judgement and suffering they go through.  Jeremiah tells of God’s promises to restore after 70 years  and going to have a new covenant.

Oh, how sin has consequences but with Jesus, who is our mediator before God Almighty, who has the very last say about how we ARE forgiven with a repentant heart. Oh, he loves you! And wants eternal life in HEAVEN for you!


Jeremiah writes of the deep suffering that God’s people go through. Such devastation in Jerusalem and the temple.  He never questions God’s intention, or justice. But he CELEBRATES and acknowledges God’s amazing faithfulness and his unfailing love.

Jesus suffered death – so much so, words cannot express the depths of what he went through. In our day and age, we can hardly imagine what he went through. But he did it. For you. For me. He suffered to pay the penalty of our sins. For that reason, we should be so respectful and rejoice in His name, to have salvation – which  guarantees our eternal life in heaven. What a day that will be, when we all meet together – forever.


He lived among the exiles  in Babylon. Ezekiel wanted the people to know that God is with us everywhere we go. What a reminder offered in this book, to worship God, and not idols and false gods. When worshiping anything but God the Father and creator, there are consequences to that. Hell being one of them.

There are no other God’s before Him. He is a jealous God. He is the Prince of Peace, Holy One. Have covenant with Him today and forever. Make a personal commitment to have Jesus as your Savior. He is the only way to heaven.


Daniel writes from Babylon during the exile. During this book, he expresses and wants us to know that GOD controls every single thing. Victory belongs to Him and Him alone. So, live in Him, speak the truth, that God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, above Him there is none other.  He has victory over all evil. Obey God and LIVE!

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