Hosea through Malachi

Hosea prophesies during the end days of Israel, focusing on the sins of spiritual idolatry. God gives warnings that they will be punished unless they change their ways. Oh, but how God loved them so much. He offers reminders of his love, they had opportune time to repent and change their ways.
Oh, how God loves us. He sent Jesus in our place so we would not go to hell. If you have been unfaithful to Him, putting your job, family, hobbies before God, turn to him, tell him of your hearts cry of forgiveness needed. He will lift you up and love you, right where you are!

In this book, a plague of locusts brings on famine to show and prove the coming day of the Lord. God people again, need to repent and seek after Him first. Salvation is needed. God’s spirit needs to fall on every living person when they seek him first.

Amos prophesies during the reign of Jeroboam II. There were vast differences – extreme poverty as well as prosperity for the people of that day. He speaks with authority of those who were oppressing the poor only to have them suffer the more. ….. how angry and upset God must feel at this display of distain. Never put your wealth before God or his Word.
Obdiah prophesies judement against Edom.for the violence against Israel. God will restore His people! No one can ever rise up against God’s people and win. Victory is in Christ, his church (people) are His and very much protected… always!


God sent Jonah to Ninevah – which was a place not living for God. When Jonah tries to run away, God in his mercy gives Jonah another chance to prophesy because it is His plan that his message of grace be told.

Michah prophesies as well, against the many sins of Judah. God wants justice. Micah inspires hope by preaching of the future coming of the Messiah and the peace he will bring.
What a wicked and cruel nation Assyria was, during the time of Josiah. Nahum testifies of God’s judgement – he ultimately controls the whole world. God has history – and future. Be assured of his plans.

Habakkuk questions God’s justice and wonders why he allows such evil to run ramped. God gives assurance then and now, that he knows all, and he will lead and reign in power. – Remember, we have free will and free choice. That is what he gave us. Use it wisely!

Early in Josiah’s reign, before he reforms, he speaks of the devastioning day of the Lord. But the future is wonderful when you trust Him, by humbling yourself, seeking Him, and live in righteousness.

Zachariah inspires the returning exiles to he Lord and rebuilds the temple in Jerusalem. He encourages them with his visions that show God’s control over everything and the coming new kingdom of the Messiah.
Deplorable conditions are described in this book. He speaks to those living in complacency in their spiritual life. Encouraging them to renew their relationship with God. God’s blessing will overflow as you walk in faith and not live in your own abilities.

Thank you Lord God, in your mercy you give me second chances. Often. Forgive me for the times I did not put you first, or not acknowledging you for all you have done in my life. I love you Jesus. May you reign in me all the days of my life!

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