Hurt – and healing – God’s way.
Blissful summer day

Consider the hurts and pains you may endure, previous or present. What hang-ups, habits,  and choices, good or bad, knowing or unknowingly, you have incurred?. Choices. Good. Bad. Ugly and indifferent.

PAIN alerts us – tells us  – we need HELP! In a fire, do you just say, oh my, there’s a fire? No, you go get an extinguisher – and call 911. If you get injured and are bleeding terribly – the sense of get help sinks in quickly – and you get the bleeding to stop, get stitches and antibiotics etc.

Your pain is a demand to seek help!

So, why in our emotions, hurts and inadequacies etc, would you not get help?  Don’t deny you need help, but let that motivate you to seek healthy choices. Don’t say NO to God’s power to guide you  and help you.   – Always remember, pain is a signal that you need help.

Receive his help  – don’t waste another day. Don’t let the enemy of your soul win this  round. You are – HIS BELOVED DAUGHTER! (or son, if you are a guy reading this).

Also, realize you are not God. Stop acting like you’ve got it all together. No pretending. Find someone you know you can trust to help you  – pray with you, offer sound and wise advice.  Also, I hope you know  – you aren’t quite perfect,   lol, shocker, right?  But you ARE His  redeemed and wonderful child.   You alone are powerless to control (the tendency to do wrong/right.  Life may seem unmanageable.

Seeking God may seem like an easy out; or too simple to work. But with man, it IS impossible to please him. But WITH God… all  ALL ALLLLLL things are – ARE – (did you get that?) ALL things  ARE possible   – WITH GOD!

God is greater than anything I am going through. I have HOPE. His power plugs me in (like a socket to electricity) to help me get through and handle things that I cannot overcome on my own.

Living in poverty? With cancer? With an abusive family member? Living with an alcoholic? Or maybe you are the abuser or alcoholic.  Take it to God. He is the only answer to get through what you are personally dealing with. Let him take the hurts, habits, issues, lack, insecurities and allow him to reduce the “thing” and fill you up with his cup of grace, favor, love and adoration. Recovery is yours for the asking.

He adores you. He will make you whole – only if you surrender – because I as well as you, are weak vessels. When we are proud and think we can DO it, on our own, we struggle. He brings peace that passes all understanding.  Love, mercy and joy will overflow your cup  – which ultimately will attract people. It is in those joyous moments that he brings such love.

If you seek me, you will be rewarded when you seek him earnestly.

When  we understand the true character of God, we can’t completely trust Him.

  • I have a hope in the Power than is GREATER than myself. He is my Source and my Healer.
  • God raised Jesus from the dead, he can rise up a dead relationship; set free from any addiction, take away all guilt and shame. Close the door on the past. Allow Him to use HIS power in us, and change the situation.

Like Paul and Joseph, our pain and hurts  may seem like we are floating in a limbo season. Nothing happening, nothing changing. When God When?

But truly – it is at these humble seasons  when God uses  us and creates  a very significant ministry in us. Through us.


The Lord is telling you: I am the vine  – you are the branches, I will strip off what is not needed. So you will be pruned and healthy again.

Be faithful  in doing good, for at the right season and time, God will for certain, take you to new heights   —

So….. how about LIVING in FREEDOM?  Take it – it belongs to you, Oh daughter of the King!

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