Do you find praying difficult?

Prayer is a supernatural activity. As we pray, we are communicating to our Heavenly Father, who is our Supernatural Daddy.

As we pray for ourselves, and for others, we are making a difference in the lives of those we pray for. So, how crazy is it, to find yourself, as you begin to pray, how your mind gets distracted,  and then tiredness seems to creep in!? This seems to be a tactic of the devil. Because, he knows that prayers of the righteous avail much! (James 5:16). When we confess our shortfallings, humble ourselves, turn from what we know to be wrong, our heavenly Daddy swoops down, picks us up, and gives us  HIS SUPERNATURAL power.

Standing strong, and determined to not let go of the most important  activity we can do for ourselves, be reminded with Psalm 138:1-8 to SING before the Lord with ALL your heart!  Bow down and honor His HOLY name and thank Him for is love and loyalty that he lavishes so sweetly over you. Be reminded that His name and His word is  GREATER than anything. When you call on  your Daddy, he answers you. He makes your STRONG and BRAVE!

  • When we pray, we receive the power and freedom from fear! (Psalm 115:5-6)
  • He gives is wisdom and guides us to understand (Daniel 9:20-27)
  • We get DELIVERED from harm! (Joel 2:32)
  • Reward comes our way (Matthew 6:6)
  • We receive the fullness of joy (John 16:23-24)
  • Peace that passes ALL understanding flows through us! (Philippians 4:6-8)
  • All anxiety leaves our being ( 1 Peter 5:7)

Therefore we will praise His Name and SING of all the great things he does for us. He loves the humble and cares for them, but resists a proud attitude. Even in the midst of adversity, he takes care of us.

So, you see, it’s not about  perfect or eloquent words,  it’s not about correct vocabulary and its verbiage, it’s about being diligent.Pressing forward and conversing with our Daddy about our  concerns. He cares for us!  Fight the devil with the BLOOD OF JESUS and HIS NAME, because YOU are NOT defeated! You are whole, loved and blessed.  So be strong and mighty with confidence going straight to  the Father who created YOU –  God  rules over ALL. We have the same DOMINION over the power over the enemy. He cannot keep us from praying. We have the good gift that God gave us in praying. Believing. Trust.

You’ve got this! Never underestimate the power of your prayers!


PRAYER – Lord, all things are possible if we believe. Thank you for loving us so much, that you never give up on us, even when we are  tired, flustered and frustrated! May we learn to stop, relax and praise you as we enter into your gates with thanksgiving and prayer! We love you Jesus! Hear our prayers today, and we expect great things as we trust and obey your every word!


The power of the LORD has done great and mighty things!
The power of the LORD has done great and mighty things!

When life is hard – PRAY 

                When life is great – PRAY!  – author unknown 

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