Who is my portion?

Do you struggle with your worth? Have you been caught up in abuse, lies, or entangled situations that you may have never imagine you’d be living in, or with?  Is life reeling out of control?

Do you yearn for living a peaceful life, and not a world of lies?  A peaceful, wonderful life can be yours. Today.  This very moment. It’s yours for  the asking.  It’s simple, very real and forever yours.  Jesus is the One that can renew your life. Simplify the craziness. Here is what he is for you:

God is strong and mighty. Isaiah 8:7b     – He  has defeated your enemies. It’s done.

His name is Wonderful Isaiah 9:6 There is no one above the name of Jesus.

He is my portion, my healer, my deliverer, He meets my every need. He will never fail you, (life may never be “perfect”, but he does perfect you in ALL situations, by  giving you strength that you need to live each moment of each day).

He is truth. He is not a man that can lie.

He gives me hope.  He longs to encourage you and lift you up. He brings you love, grace, mercy, patience and a desire for good things.

You can say with confidence: I am a VICTOR, not a victim. Because Jesus lives in you.

He makes me prosper.  He said to seek Him first, and he  will give you the desires of  your heart.

In Him, I have a dream, goals, vision and a purpose.  God formed YOU  and knew you before you were conceived in the womb. He is plans for you that are great and wonderful, if you only believe!

No harm shall overtake me, my household, my work, or anything I put my hands to. He keeps , my path from harm. He loves me. Oh, how He loves me!  He is our safety net –  his arms protect those who love him.

I am assured  that  His incredible GRACE is with me always!                                2 Thessalonians 3:18

Jesus never lets me down, he stays with me and protects me everywhere I go! The evil one has no place in my life!


To receive Jesus into your life, and heart, it’s a simple  conversation… he IS your forever friend…. just say: “Jesus, I want to be your friend, I need you desperately,  come into my heart and live within me forever. I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life, I want to turn away from sinful desires, and live a life that is whole and pure. Help me to do this Jesus.”  Amen..   

You are now a part of a whole new world. Read  the bible, it will help guide you through life. Find a bible  believing church that will help you grow strong in Christ.   When you find things in life “getting to you”, pray. Pray when life is good, pray when things are tough. He will guide you and show you how to live a victorious life!


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