New Year State of Mind~ 2016 Style

Here we are. The last day of 2015, and how did you do this year?

Was it a fun year?

Did you grow, learn or stretch? 

Were you laden with hardship or difficulties?

For me, this year is a year I would like to have disappear off the calendar history. Although I know when Christians pass away, they go onto GLORY, to be with Jesus. Being widowed for over 18 years now, I have been through the journey on a very personal level, more than once.  This one has hit me hardest. Liz, my sister by choice, best friend since a wee child,  we stood up to each others wedding, and were God-mother to each others  children, and truly soul sisters.

There have never been two travel buddies as perfect as the two of us!  We always commented how well fit together as vacation companions,  we  could loung on the beach, quietly for long periods of time and not talk.  Always finding creative things to observe, nothing ever passed us up, we saw everything!  We could People-watch like none other. A cup of coffee together,  (of which I did not share in that indulgent beverage until 40!), and we could conquer the world. We balanced each other better than  anyone I have ever met in my life. We spoke often how blessed we were to have each other. Both being “only children”, we had that very special bond, which I do believe helped us to relate to each other, as we appreciated our sisterhood.

Sunflower  7237

As children we were very opposite. Her parents came over from Holland, in the 50’s, with what was on their back & some basics,  with a few dollars in pocket. Brave souls they were, to venture over to the Americas, where they would begin their “good life”. That they did. “Pa”, worked his own company in shipping and did very well for himself.  They were a handsome and well like family. Strong and full of energy, which taught me well as a child.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my parents divorced at a year old. They loved each other, yet just could not live together very well.  Mom and I lived with my grandparents, and a  very low budget.

Financially we were in different worlds.

I was more quiet, and insecure, as Liz was a pretty bold one. But we balanced each other like a teeter-tawter.  The commonalities we shared, were  that we were very compliant to our parents. Neither of us got into  trouble, nor did we want to.

She valued my patience, and I grew stronger and bolder, learning from her confidence.

There were so many other life occasions we shared, from the simple to the grand. Yet, I will miss the things in the future that we won’t share  while on this earth; becoming Grandma’s, she’ll never see my  kids get married; and  the closeness we shared, I will miss immensely, the unconditional love is and was a blessing from God. So grateful for her life…

We had a full lifetime of time together, which I value as a priceless gift, just as I do my kids.

Liz and I, dinner cruising Eastern way
Liz and I, dinner cruising – –  in 2004

Hug your friends,  and appreciate them by spending time together. Never take life for granted! That is my New Years gift to you!  Be strong and bold, withholding nothing.

Father, as we enter into a new year, we are thankful for your mercies that are new each morning. Thank you for bringing families together, friendships that last a lifetime; May we honor you with our lives each day this year. I hope everyone will find someone to befriend and share life together.

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