Be a Warrior

It is time to rise up into NEW life.

Struggles are real. Troubles will come and go. But standing firm in the foundation of GOD’s love, grace and heart will guide you to GO IN and possess what he has planned for YOU to do. To possess means to TAKE ACTION. Do it. Do it afraid, do it when you feel confident. Just take that step.

Fear  will stop progression. That is the ultimate plan of the enemy of our soul. He does NOT want us to succeed. He wants to hinder our walk and our path. He attacks with schemes so sly – and sometimes so obvious. Take heed. Be aware. Even if we trip, fail or totally mess up today – tomorrow is a new and fresh day. God’s got our back. Never look down, keep your shoulders back, and be secure in who you are in Christ, and that those around you will see His goodness that lives in you, no matter the circumstances!

God has ADOPTED YOU into HIS family. You are anointed, blessed and highly favored. You are blessed coming in and going out. God created adoption papers! he will never leave you nor forsake you.! You belong to God! Jesus is and was the sacrifice for your life. Trust Him. He loves you with an everlasting love! Your name is written in His Word. He has set you free, so you can soar to new heights!
No living in slavery, we don’t have to finance our adoption. We don’t have to complete a “to do list” to conquer or pay for His love for us. Just accept His offer of salvation through Jesus Christ.
He gives the invitation to come and thirst no more!

Keep in prayer – God search me, and know my heart, let me not become self absorbed – but focused on the plan where you can USE me to make a difference on this earth.

Live a life from orphan to an HEIR!  You have JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM, LIFE! so REJOICE in the LORD always – and again I say REJOICE

His river will flow through you as you keep drinking His cup!  Rejoice, and always give thanks, for He is certainly good!

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2 responses to “Be a Warrior”

  1. Donna B. you have such a way with words. God is using you my friend.

    And tomorrow is a new day in those mess ups. I’ve learned all too well how Satan wants to destroy us with fear, but we didn’t let him do that with Colt or these precious little ones. Infertility does not win when God is in control. EB does not win either when God heals.

    Love you lady!


  2. Debbie, thank you! I have been seeking him during this past month – as I am at a fork in the road… and seeking (what I really know which way to go.. but it’s the “scary” way); Iwill not fear… he is with me til the end of the age!

    I will keep writing, and encouraging… I love people, and want everyone to not only do better, grow strong, but know Jesus so well – since the ages are getting darker every day! People need teh Lord… and I am a vessel that he can use!

    You helped me tonite to know for sure which way to go!
    Love you too!


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