A fabulous day to go out and enjoy the sunny blue skies, warm weather, on this September 17, 2017.
The leaves began to change about a week ago…. seemingly slow, little bits of yellow coming through at the tops of the tall trees, and now, just a few days later, the oranges are popping out to bring that warm cozy feeling of Autumn.
We let life fly by with a quick blink of an eye, and open to winter and holiday season.
I’ve recently decided to reflect and try my best to slow down enough to a “enjoy the coffee”. Enjoy and look up, see the birds fly around as they know the seasons are changing. Taking note of the beautiful alterations in the leaves, that are right now, oh so subtle.  This has been the perfect summer  in Chicago, and  I so desire to  let the wonderment of how big this world is that God created, to go deep into my soul.
It is a wonderful world.

The world that was suppose to be perfect, (Genesis 1); But sin nature took over and the enemy of our soul entered in, out of his greed, wanting to be Co-parent with God. Ha! There is only one God. And as we know what the Word says, Satan was not invited into that position, hence: sin, tragedy, fleeting time, which leads us  to not stop and  smell the roses etc. etc. etc.

We’ve just witnessed devastation of wild huge and mighty hurricanes, that God spared many with his graciousness…. he downsized so much – from what was suppose to take out the state of Florida, yet it only left energy out, trees uprooted and other damage, which can all be fixed or replaced.  Then  to witness people helping each other in Texas – the  floods so all over and very deep , which left animals  behind and elderly needing help. Yet the kindness of people have just warmed the hearts of many,  as we have seen video after video of the tireless work being done.
Interesting. Seemingly, the world has gone wicked beyond words. The desire to become reclusive is appealing, to stay away from the wickedness, wild minded and unruly people, is a strong need – to keep us personally “safe” and from harms way.
But that is not reality. So…. I have to take a different approach. Because my God is greater than anything the enemy throws at me or any of us. Living in God is a true treasure, a blessing that lets my heart overflow with love and mercy. I need to seek that all day long, because it is not in my human nature to do that – unless I am living in Him.
So, today, I took the time, to enjoy some simple, quaint and beautiful creations                   that He has made for us to enjoy.
I hope you do too! Enjoy this ride called life. It’s pretty tough – sometimes quite often, but when we take a pause break, ah, it fills up our buckets to overflowing peace.

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