Glorious is God

What an evening. Although it is humid this October evening, the moon is full, soft clouds swiftly swoon over the bright and perfect circled moon. The light radiates over our home. There’s a soft breeze flowing, as I gaze and enjoy the quietness of the night.

There’s just something about the 10 o’clock hour that offers a peaceful and quiet spirit. A sweet reviving and gentle moment that relaxes the soul.

I needed that this evening. Glorious. Wonderful. Peaceful. Sweet and oh something so honorable about the solitude that makes me sing Praises to my King.

Jesus  is his  name. He is Wonderful. He is Gracious. He is Glory, and Peace. He’s my Counselor and my Guide.  Isaiah 9:6

The evening was spent with hands raised in worship, as the Holy Spirit was lifted high as he engaged our hearts to seek more of Him. Women  of faith, arise. You are worthy of His love. He will never neglect you. Forget you. Forsake you. He L.O.V.E.S you with all of his life. The Word says so. John 3:16.

How does one get to this peaceful place, like a night as tonight, as my mind and heart is filled up with his wonderful presence? !  Oh so easy. Just pray a simple prayer to Jesus. Ask Him into your life and heart. Ask for forgiveness from sins that are in your past. Mean this with your mind body and soul, and you are now One of His very own, and eternity is yours in Heaven.

Rejoice. Enjoy. Life is precious and sweet.  The gift of Jesus is simple and oh so sweet. Receive it as  a wonderful gift, and live in this peace that brings so much fulfillment.

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