The love of a dog

Tonite, I sit here in utter tears. My heart is broken and tattered, ripped into small shreds. One of the loves of my life, my furbaby, Chloe the Cocker Spaniel, at 12 years old, and a decaying body that was not matching up with her mind, is put to rest. her ailing body just was getting the best of her, and it was the right time to say goodnight, and until we meet again on the other side, I love this furbaby so much it hurts. (if you’re not an animal fan, you might not understand – and that ‘s ok, I hope you can still enjoy the personality of these girls of mine, throughout the years, their cute faces, and grasp the love my kids and I have for each of them – even still, after their passing).

 The love of an animal, especially a dog, fills the heart and house with joy and fun. 

Of course, those who aren’t animal fans, don’t quite understand the depths of love for these canine friends. Dogs are accepting, fun, cute, cuddly, wise, logical, whimsical, no inabitions, strong, weak, mighty warriors  to their owners, chasers, eaters, beggers (who doesn’t want some yummy smelling meat??!!);  the  list goes on – and on.

As an adult, I have had five dogs. Two collies, one golden retriever, cocker spaniel and a shih tzu.  I am a child of the 60’s – that loved Lassie and Cuddly Duddly. Who didn’t, right?!?!

My husband and I had our Collie  – Wiski – before we had kids; She was the most intelligent and caring dog I have ever been around. She loved her “man”(my husband), and loved her mommie (me);  When my husband and I would hug- she could hardly stand it – in her mind  she thought we  were doing something bad to each other – (it didn’t help that we would teasingly cup our hands and “hit” each others’ back to make that pretend “hit sound”), she’d bark and literally come between us to break us up;  Who couldn’t fall in love with that loyalty?!?!

When our kids came along, she knew when I ‘d go into labor, she also was right  there with each one of them during each growth spurt in  our sons lives. She was so patient and caring with them. She never lashed out  – never lost her mind, nor temper. She  was the welcoming commity. When she passed away – I had to take her in alone (she passed away in our home), as my husband was working. I cried my eye OUT!  Still do – 25 years later – she was thee best dog in the universe !    Then came along the “stupid dog”, as I named her. Golden Retriever reject. She really looked like a Yellow Lab. She definately should have lived on a farm or been a hunting dog. She was NOT a good family house dog – didn’t potty train for years – attacked my Wiski (at 10 weeks old !!!!!!!  As Wiski went to get a drink of WATER!) Not sure why this dumb dog was threatened by the dog who really was the Alpha – Chelsi was NOT submissive at all. But she sure knew her place with me. She never crossed me – cuz I would have taken her right back to where we got her from had she done so. She bit often (which I was unaware of until recently- the boys knew I would have gotten rid of her had I known of that ….and the critters she caught and brought to the back door was an unacceptable feature that I also wasn’t going to put up with, but didn’t know until recently).

Part of why I did not want or like her, was my husband went back on his “pact” with me;  we agreed that we would only have collies, as we both grew up with them in our childhood, and knew that the breed was good with children. We always had a house full of kids too. so that was important to us).   BUT… a certain family member, who will remain unnamed in this blog 🙂 , started breeding Goldens, and basically bambooseled my husband into taking the pick of the liter. Which I still do not understand why she didn’t take the pick – especially since I said NO NO NO at least two dozen times – (and yet she proceeded to bring my oldest son into it – as  the pups were born near his birthday – making it about him – and this would be a gift to him- I know ya’ll see what I am saying here, right!!?!?);  Our Wiski was old, going blind, loosing her hearing, hip displacia – and we wanted her to live out her limited time free from a puppies playful ways etc. Well, my voice did not matter – and I was overruled – and we got this puppy, who proceeded to BITE my Wiski girl – broke skin – she got infected and needed surgery – which would NOT have happened had we only had Wiski and NO puppy as my husband and I agreed years earlier. Less than a week later, Wiski passed away; 😦 Tears still flow so easily when I think of her. She was a true treasure in a dog.  One of the loves of my life.

Shelbi – Collie #2 came into our lives a few monthes later. Fun and hyper dog. Not the best bred. But she was a collie who loved everyone. True to form!  This girl ended up having epilipsy – but lived to about 9 years old. She had a good life – even though Chelsi didn’t like other furry family members, she tolerated Shelbi.  We  had the cats then for some time. I took a break from dogs – I needed it. from the  whirlwind of life as a widow raising three boys with full scedules, I was tired of taking care of barking dogs and fur etc.

Once the boys were all in college – I was feeling that void. Too much quiet. One day as I pondered this new season – I said to myself – this is either time to adopt a child or get a dog. The dog won. Easy decision!   On  the search for that special furbaby that would be mine, so I wanted a collie, but they were hard to find, so, I considered a small dog – easy to take care of – and maintain.  I went against what I always said I would not do – and looked for a small dog.

I came across this very quiet – sweet – relaxed and oh so adorable cocker spaniel who was as cool as a cucumber. Nothing bothered her. BINGO! I love Cuddly Duddly, and always wanted (as a kid), a Cocker Spaniel. She was ten months old. I wondered why no one wanted her yet.  She definately needed to have a home, so that was that. She came home with me. Over the period of a few weeks she morphed into this crazy silly determined hyper focused dog. But still soooooo sweet.  When my sons came home, she FELL IN LOVE with them. Momma’s heart was right in picking this dog. Love my boys – and you win me over!

Then in my love for puppies/dogs, I came across this oh so very cute Shih Tzu, who climbed into my neck like a cat, I couldn’t resist. She came home with me, and I now have a huge love and adoration for these very docile and sweet dogs – I am a huge fan of Shih Tzu’s AND Collies. Both favorite breeds to this momma’s heart.

With each dog we have had, they each have brought a special bond and love into our lives. Just like children. My heart overflows so much that I can hardly express this truest of loves. These animals can’t talk, but only offer fun, love and lots of cuddles. If you treat them right, they reciprocate. What’s not to love and care for????

God gave us dominion over the creatures of this world. These creatures get into my heart – and I just fall in love. Tears flow much to easy at the moment, since my girl Chloe has only been “gone” for about 5 hours. Not sure I will ever get over the void, which is oh so similar to my Wiski girl. Different seasons of life, they came into our world – not asking for US to be THEIR family, but chosen by me – hand picked. Crafted, for sure by the Heavenly Father, knowing these pets would work their way into our homes, and lives, to leave a lasting imprint in our minds and hearts – forever.

I do believe with all my being that we will see our pets in heaven – this is an argument made by some. I won’t enter  that disagreement any more – because I believe the Word. What matters to me, matters to the Father.  The Word of God says the Lion will lay with the Lamb when we get to Heaven. Peace is what that means, I’m sure.   But I believe it is physically as well as spiritually done. We shall see one day – on the other side….  until then….. my sweet Chloe  – I love you , you beautiful cocker spaniel.  You won my heart 9 years ago, and I will never be the same. My life is enriched by having you in it. Thank you Lord for gracing me with this dog. I know you loved us as much as we loved you, Chloe.

Enjoy the sweet photos of our girls. Each with thier own personalities, just like my own children. And that is just the way it should be. I love them all (except Chelsi, the devil dog). Until we see each other again….. I love you my Chloe – with all my heart. I miss you already, more than words can express.

Chloe –  Curled up and Comfy in bed with me
Ok, whatcha doing?

Oh that tongue!  She’s always curled up in bed – loving it !

she is the ipitomy of Cuddy Duddly
Is this spoiled or what?!!?!

Can’t sit on the floor! oh No!!!  Cozy on the couch with a pillow !  That’s  my Chloe 


0154 Chloe in the daisy’s – it was a hot day!


Oh this sweet face (that really isn’t so sweet – but very very lovable)


This is my Wiski at about 5 ish months;  What a girl; beauty at best – Lassie style!  Wiski always knew what to do at Christmas time – she had her own stocking – and her own gifts every year!  Just love her  so – Wiski and her boys, whom she loved SOOOO much !

oh did Wiski love the snow! The more the marrier! 

 the serious look – always thinking 

Our Mis-l-Toe – alley cat – she loved us as much as we loved her. She was so pretty!  In the mix we added our Black and White Cat,  Mis-L-Toe;  a  cat that was found  as a litter in an alley  of Chicago. She took to us well. Half typical cat- and mostly in love with us as family. She knew she was loved, and I think appreciated that fact. She was the alpha cat for sure – she held her ground with Chelsi and even with Chloe  when she came into our family. 

Looking for that pesty squirrel 

that tongue – and focus – like no other dog we’ve had  –  Forever in love with Chloe  Our Chloe loved the car  – oh that face. 

Chloe 2937
Sleepin cozy on the pillow
Oh this girl has always had my heart
Is this not CUDDLY DUDDLY at best?!?!
Sleeping comfortably in bed..right where she belongs.

oh Snow day…..   the snow was soooo deep – and she was a trooper – determined to get through it all  #strongwilled and #determinedThis beautiful face. I am always going to be in love with this girl – none like her – anywhere. (below)Is the one and only Chelsi, the Golden Retriever – dumbest dog ever. Very short temprament  – uncharachteristic to Goldens. I sure Don’t miss her – but my boys do Sister Collie #2 is Shelbi;  Sweet girl. but second to ALpha Chelsi – who did not like other animals… but pictures can be deceitful can’t they???
Another of our beautiful Mis-L-Toe 
 Oh this girl – So Cuddly Duddly looking – but so determined, focused and definately an Alpha personality  – She was #1  and demanded it. 


The soulful look in her eyes are what I loved most – or is it her noes, or ears, or tongue, maybe the personality… oh shoot – I just will always love everything about this girl – forever my girl

Her sleeping away. Check out those long eyelashes that all girls dream of!  Oh, that nose. I will miss kissing that sweet nose.  Curled up in her rightful place – in bed – and yes that tongue sticking out.  I love you Chloe – forever my girl !!  And her boy walking her and  sister dog, Caabie (the ShihTzu)  the nose that checks out every single thing – nothing gets pasts her. ever.  The wind her her face. What a dog.   a sketched photo of Chloe  – that face is like none other. Pretty and always cute.  Prayin’ she don’t get into trouble ! 🙂 Collie #2 – our Shelbi and her boy (my son) That Golden look is oh so deceitful, she’s lurking to see who she might snap dragon on. #notsofriendly  Named this girl CAAB – cute as a button   —-    This girl is so stinking loving AND sweet; laid back, and oh she loves ice cream!  Ooooh just wanna squeeze her !  the tongue the tongue. #what a face. only a mother can love – right?!?  sleepin in bed with me  – spoiled to the max. #imgonna missyoucurledupatnightwithme 


getting some  rays and enjoying the view – chloe and caabie (Cute as a button = CAAB)  looking innocent – #NOT !!! Oh so tired – and always cozy in bed with me. 



do you see that look??? I’m tellin ya – she was NOT the typical Golden!! 




the authoritive look  – oh what a girl 



I’ve had many a cat in my life. I love them all. but this girl Lexi, is by far theeeee best cat in the UNIVERSE! Sweet sweet sweet – so sweet – even those who hate cats – Lexi won them over!  perfect in every way ! That focused and intelligent look – with the tongue  —-waiting at attention! This is her truest look. This dog has my heart in the midst of her paw- I love her deep and wide. She was made for our family. none like her.  #forevermygirl

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