The comfort of lights

Here I am in Jacksonville, enjoying Christmas in the warmth of Florida! First time I have been here  in December. the difference from the winter vs. spring time, it is subtle, yet obvious. The humidity is still  alive and well, and the wintery affect of the clouds that welcome me every morning (so far), yet, by lunch time, the clouds have parted, and  the sun is shining  brightly, Florida style.

The purpose of visiting Florida, is to spend time with my son, who recently moved here.  With this visit, I scope out the area to see what this city  has to offer. First night, we visited St. Augustine, with Christmas lights all around, with the buzz of Christmas fun. It was a bit chilly, almost glove weather….. almost.  We wore warmer jackets and walked about. Learned a bit about the history…sweet…. and enjoyed a small bit of hustle and bustle with other couples and families who were visiting and enjoying the festival of lights, as we celebrate Jesus and his birth.

Most everyone knows the story of  Mary and Joseph, (click link to read more), with this sweet season, as we  celebrate Christmas;  the many lights are so representative of His light….scripture tells us clearly,  Jesus IS the Light of the world,  which brings me such comfort and peace, when in the darkness of the night, and in this world, brightness of Christmas  lights that shine everywhere  – sweetly remind me of the of His birth, His love and the wonderful peace He offers, as we accept Him for who He is.  The Deliverer, and fortress, He our Rock, he is with me in times of trouble, and in good times.   Such renewal I receive during Christmas, especially when  the lights abound all around the streets and in the cities we visit.

As we completed our circle of town square, I am feeling comfort that only comes from Above. I hope and pray  that you sense His wonderful love as well. May you know Him as Savior and King of Kings. You are welcomed into the Kingdom of His Grace any time. May 2018 bring you the Joy of knowing you will be living in eternity forever.



Prayer: Lord thank you for salvation, that is free in the asking. Thank you for the birth of Christ our Savior.  We celebrate YOU Lord. We love you, and praise your Holy Name. Thank you for forgiveness and  grace, in the midst of my/our shortcomings. May we lean on you, today and every day, learning  your ways. May our ears  and heart be attentive to your call and go where you want  us to go, and say or do what you ask. Eternity awaits  us, so while we are here, may our lives be strong and courageous and be a light  in this dark world, in Jesus name… Amen.   




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