Good as Gold

1442 John 16 33 _ _edited-1.jpgThe bright and shining lights are fading from the Christmas Holiday. Reality is setting in as our days are frigidly cold and icy. Snow is abounding, even in the warm states, like Florida and Georgia. Surial.

Goals are set that we promise to complete this year.   What are some of your goals? How far into the year do you go before giving up, or do you get to the finish line? Are you going for the GOLD this year? Is this year going to be your best year yet? Say YES to new beginnings.

Most people get too busy, loose priority and settle for less. Unless you are an athlete or someone who has obtained a lot of schooling (like a doctor or lawyer), often times, people let go fairly quickly of what they desire to improve on each new year.

What IS the roadblock that the  “AVERAGE” person that tends to give up on themselves?

Fear of accomplishment?

Doubt we can obtain?

Fear that others may become jealous when we meet a higher goal?

Stop and reflect on what makes you stop and not try, and try again. (remember when you learned to ride a bike? did you fall, but got back up again because you were excited to use that bike as a tool to get to your destination faster than walking?!?  Or, maybe you failed a few times it was time to learn how to swim, drive or rollerblade – when we try something new we usually falter. But we get back up and try again. We just do it!

Remember, this world is FULL of naysayers, jealousy, and doubters. We sense failure if we make a mistake, oftentimes, then we tend to give up on ourselves. That is exactly the ploy of our enemy, the Devil. He wants you to stop. Give up and never do better!


God has called us to rise up. Be strong and courageous. Live intentionally. Love with all our hearts. This is not in our own flesh, but with HIS power and might.


Although this month has begun, my new goal is to spend January of each year setting my goals,  praying and seeking Him for direction on what to let go of and what new challnges he wants me to conquer. I will fast, pray, journal, listen to Godly advice and teachings to help me fine tune the things that need to improve or change  – I will hold loosely as the year goes on, to adapt as I go if God says shift, I will shift. If I falter, I will still continue on and not beat myself up. I will be a better and more accomplished person at years end.

What is your word of the year?

What is your scripture of the year?

What goals will you achieve to make or create a better YOU? Go for the GOLD!


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, and know I will be praying for you as you learn and grow!!!!

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