Cold as Ice

Igloo FireLife has a way of creating  a spirit of coldness. When we get hurt, live with regrets, pain surges within our hearts and minds, from things people may say or do….   ugliness controls our spirit, which are mostly caused from circumstance beyond our  control,  we keep rehearsing in our minds, the would have – could have’s or what if’s.  Maybe you ask: Could I have saved my child from (fill in the blank); if I were a better child growing up, maybe my parent would not have beat me; If I wouldn’t have gone on that date, maybe I wouldn’t have been raped. If I were more disciplined, I would not be over weight….. and on and on and on. You know  – I know – we ALL have lists of things we wish we could change.  

Job loss. Death of those close to us. The news blasts with terrible injustices. Life seemingly gets worse. Struggles get bigger.

Often our imagination will be  consumed with far too many thoughts; It feels out of control. How to make it stop so life can be calm; Can it be better? Is it possible?

Sometimes we medicate or overeat; We let alcohol numb our minds or,  over exercising contol us at some point. We pretend the bad to go away, refocusing on something, because we don’t want anyone to know what happened.

Blame. Self loathing.  It builds. Bigger. With each year of guilt, and or strife, the    block of ice builds.. Each time we have a difficult life strain, more ice blocks go up.  We continue on as if we have no control over the outcome. Nothing changes. Suddenly, we are gripped in the midst of an igloo. Bitter. Cold. Colder. Frozen. Can’t move.

The big question… Why God?

In this world there WILL be troubles.   Scripture tells us:  Keep from Stumbling

Adam and Eve….. well, they had the perfect instruction. But as we know the story in Genesis, they failed. The flesh won. The lies began. Killing sprees started. Anger, blame and the host of all other issues come to pass, as we read through the Bible.   Scripture tells us:   The Fall

Remember in the Bible, it says there is a season for everything.    Scripture tells us:  Seasons of life

Why  is my answer so simple to the problems we have? Because it is. We let our minds complicate  everything. Guilty as charged. The MIND is a battlefield. Too much worry, stress and concern over things, when God should be allowed to cleanse and offer me clarity.


No do-overs….. but we CAN RUN TO THE FATHER.  We can say Lord  forgive me for unforgiveness, anger, confusion etc, that I allowed to fester in my mind. Please renew my mind. I want to LET GO of all the junk. Let the HOLY  SPIRIT FIRE BURN WITHIN ME SO DEEP  that others lives will be changed. Do this work in me Lord. Melt this savaged frozen soul so that the WARMTH of the SON will rise up in me and I be set free. Do a new thing in me Lord. For you are GOOD and WORTHY to be praised.

THE POWER of God DOES live within us. Allow the HOLY SPIRIT FIRE light up inside of you! Let the fire inside you grow so much, that we are living witnesses to others so they will see the change in us; may we know Him so well and listen with quieted ears – to never go back to those frozen blockades – ever!

So, if you want to stay in an igloo, maybe a visit to Alaska would be a good place to visit. Then come home, and be reminded of His warmth and love for you! Renew, Refresh and Holy Spirit fire   fall!

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