His umbrella over you

Umbrella over the city street_edited-1.jpgWe work, we play. The busy-ness of our life runs to and fro;  so many activities, kids, job, church, sports, hobbies, family, that sometimes our soul runs dry. We lose sight and can’t see the ray of hope that God shines willingly over us.

We take so much value in superficial things, the location of where we live,  how big or small our home is, the contents, the restaurants we visit, vacations we take, with little to no time spent in learning God’s ways through reading His Word.

Do we take time to stop and hear his still small voice?  Maybe the concern is getting out from underneath the lack and difficulties in life.  In abundance or in lack, God is always with us. He so longs for us to sit and talk with Him. He is patient and kind to wait for us to get to that point.  If we don’t he certainly will get our attention one way or another.

When we find the love we long for in Him, not by way of human love, he shows us that he is the Great I AM .  Will we receive it? Allow time from “the doing”, by way of performance — the job promotion options, relationships we desperately hope approval from, building our status quo with money, beauty and fleeting things of this world. Let the Father embrace you with the peace that passes all understanding.

Take time today to be quiet; seek him, with few words; allow Him to whisper his love into your soul. May he guide your every desire and create the perfect space he has in store for you and you alone.  You need to value His love more than anything else today;

May the umbrella be a visual for you today and always, showing you his banner over you is love, even in the midst of your gray and busy days.

You are loved.


Let’s pray:

Father, I ask you to be with me today; help me to quiet my mind, so I can learn your Word, hear your voice and take direction. I know ultimately, it will make my life more complete and peaceful. I am so grateful for your umbrella over me that keeps me from being flooded with nonsense and things unnecessary; when I do go my way, please gently bring me back to your safe haven. I love you, Jesus. Amen. 

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