JOYFUL noise

Psalm 98 offers us the sweet sounds of how we should glorify Our Father in heaven

Oh, how I love to Praise God.

Worship brings such energy, peace, love, and adoration, along with a thankful heart.

How do you worship God? With a loud shout and joyful heart!? Worshipping hands lifted high – offering a surrendered and humbled spirit from within ? Or  with closed mouth  and mindful praise ?

When we are in the shower, it is easy to sing a  sweet song unto the Lord,  because, of course, the acoustics in the shower is just the best! (laughing at self, cuz it sounds good to me!!!). But how about when we are at church, among other people? Are we insecure – worried we might get the eyebrow raisings or talk about because we are out of tune? Oh, let me tell ya, I’ve been there! I’d run from my own shadow if I got remotely scared over just about anything! (that has since changed!).

I have had many brothers and sisters in the Lord say they don’t sing out loud because they only “sing from the heart, and God hears that which is enough”.

My mind shakes at this.

Is that what the Bible says? Just pray without moving the mouth and saying out loud how much we love and adore him?

Girls! (and guys, if you are reading), we are to SING a new song to him! His marvelous deeds, as stated in Psalm 98

Worthy is he! Sing and rejoice! Praising the King of Kings.  Oh, I get excited just at the thought of it! 🙂


Websters dictionary defines “SING” as this

Sing | Definition of Sing by Merriam-Webster

intransitive verb. 1 a : to produce musical tones by means of the voice. b : to utter words in musical tones and with musical inflections and modulations. c : to deliver songs as a trained or professional singer. 2 : to make a shrill whining or whistling sound.

Now, not to make anyone feel bad, but I challenge you to sing out loud, with no inhibitions. Start at home, in the car, or….. in the shower; put on some worship songs – turn up those tunes and just SANG like there’s no tomorrow; See how uplifted you become. Sadness must leave, sorrow turns into joy! Oh, what a wonderful gift we have in PRAISE!  
Don’t we all long for that release? THAT is what Praise offers us;
Yes, yes yes, we must have our hearts right before him, of course, but we have to speak the words we long for him to hear..
I heard a teaching (a few times) over my lifespan, that the devil cannot fight what he cannot see or hear.  In silence, he keeps us quiet, uneffective to help others to overcome  their inabitions.
       meaning: if we speak LIFE – he has to flee; if we are silent, he plays with our minds to trap us into doubt/fear etc.   If we ACT out (in this case our praise with singing) he has to flee; does he like it? no! When we praise, we tell the LORD we love HIM –  and desire HIS protection and help; the devil may have a fit, but he can’t be in the same atmosphere as God; God reigns – when we speak his word and sing his praises.
Trust me when I say, I am a singer wanna be. I l.o.v.e. MUSIC! I love to worship and glorify Him with my words AND my heart. (because if our heart isn’t right – that blocks His ears until we get humble!
When we are more concerned with what those around us say about our off key voice – we are insecure when we think we might get made fun of (if we are off key);
I say this to encourage you, not to judge – because I see what the WORD says. I have been there – insecurity ran my life when I was younger. I was teased, seemingly unloved, and didn’t fit the mold as the world would want me to. But around the age of 30 – I felt my backbone stand strong and mighty. I knew He was my Daddy, Husband, Caretaker – my everything. Who could come against me?


Be encouraged with  these verses from Psalm 98:

  • Let the sea and all that fills it (that’s huge)
  • the world and those who live in it, RESOUND 
  • Let the rivers CLAP THEIR HANDS,
  • let the mountains shout together with JOY 
  • for HE IS COMING  to judge the earth;
  • He will just the world righteously and the peoples fairly. 
Oh, friends, I am SO glad you visited here today; May you RESOUND in singing and joy; May the ears and heart of the Lord flood his sweet love over you as you BOLDLY rejoice in SINGING his PRAISES!   Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! Again, I say REJOICE!
  • Prayer: 
God thank you for your goodness ands love, may today be a sweet blessing to all that are here reading this; let all inabitions be gone, so that we can sing to the heavens and rejoice in wonderful praises to YOU!  Bless everyone that reads this today; May you answer prayers, hear the hearts of many who need you for whatever reasons each may personally have. You are a GOOD GOOD FATHER! Thank you for the answers in advance! AMEN~

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