God be the center of life

I love life. There is a renewed place of contentment that I have longed for, that has finally arrived.  Oh, for a much too a long period of time, I  was stuck in this place of doubt, fear, questions, wonder and a place of lack for far too long.
So many questions have  I asked God and so many tears flowed. Yet, so many answers I am still waiting for. But, I know, in His sovereignty, He has guided, protected, and loved me – very quietly, and always right on time, meeting me at each step I took.  He never leaves me. I continue to trust all of His wonderful promises will come flourishing into my life. One at a time, or maybe many of them at once. He knows, and I am willing to wait as I trust.

Have you ever had a time when you just “heard” from God? You could hardly wait to have him show you the places or people you were to meet. It is a marvelous and most wonderful place to be. The anticipation of waiting to hear what he is speaking. It’s not an audible voice, it’s a clear and defined sense of direction, sometimes a few details, other times precise.  That’s how I know it’s God– the Holy Spirit, I had that affirmation.

He has a transforming story for each of our lives. He confirms by a story in the Bible, a speaker, devotional, friend, phone call, or a song on the radio.

I am so unashamedly sold out to an audience of One. God. My main, providential, Maker, who loves me with an intense love, he holds me close to his heart, wipes my tears, fills me up with confidence and strength, as no one else could ever do. He has my whole mind body and soul.

Who am I that he thinks of me with such love, he calls me by name, calling me his friend? I  am a real live woman, that has made too many mistakes, says things at times when I should be quiet. Yet, his Word tells me the promises written, are yes and AMEN, they are mine. I am whole, righteous, and complete because He lives in me.
Living in freedom, as the sparrow who flies and sings every morning, is what He offers – fresh mercy every day!

His intense love for each of us releases all condemnation, sickness, issues, and in return, offers wholeness, fulfilled dreams, and positive wonderful life.

Authentic love. That’s who I am, and who my Father in heaven offers to me.

Do you know Him with the passion that he has for you? I invite you to join me on a lifelong journey with the Lord.

Prayer: Father thank you for your invitation to be free. You offer a perfect love, that sometimes I just don’t understand…you are always faithful and true. I yearn to stay in your sweet presence, I will stay in tune with you, as I wait for answers, and thank you for what you have done for me in the past. 

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