Spiritual Manicures

Today as I had my nails done, I related the process to life. We start out with our sweet little baby hands and fingers, who doesn’t love themIMG_6567


We grow and adapt, and for many of us girls, we like to look nice, so we head over to the beauty section pick out our favorite colors and tools to beautify our nails.

It reminded me of how in the beginning when God created the world, Eve needed nothing. Not even clothing. God made her perfectly designed. With ONE instruction. Do not eat that apple. It leads to distractions and destruction. But that serpent snake, the Devil, crept in to deceive her. She then talked Adam into sharing with her. Oh boy… God was not happy. The punishment was about to turn on them like white on rice. Oh, Eve. Why did you not listen to God? Would I have listened? Probably not. Sigh…….

Colors, oh the choices!
The many colors of OPI

Back to the nails…  relate a broken nail to the brokenness in our life, thanks to Eve…. we have to maintain our bodies and minds, as well as the soul. Christ paid the ransom for our brokenness. Our spiritual and physical sin. When we have Christ in our life, he mends those broken places, much like filing or cutting nails down, only to create something beautiful. Pink. Pretty. Nice. Lovely.

Praise GOD for His gift to us; AND, it’s FREE~~~~   unlike beauty treatments.


One thing I have always liked about my body is my hands. I have good hands. Strong, long fingers…. good nails too, which grow naturally long and look like I have them “created”.  But they are mine. I got that blessing from my Gram and Mom. We had good hands and nails. But in order to keep them looking nice, I need the set of tools. Of course, if I want pretty colors,  I need to choose which I like, and add the base coat and top coat, with a good conditioner. The cuticle tool, cutters, pointy cleaner tool, to remove extra paint. Cotton balls, remover, file, buffer and all that jazz!

It is a PROCESS that takes at least two hours a week to maintain.

Are you following how this relates to our spiritual mind and soul?

If we don’t maintain a good foundation of Bible teaching, and reading the Bible ourselves, (please don’t use the excuse you can’t understand it – because God has given you the tools for that ! You CAN understand every word of the Good Book, all the time!).    Spend time in devotional reading, friends who teach and talk about the walk in Christ; When doing any scripture study, always begin in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to help you understand!

Grow in the Word and with God, you are beautiful, secure, full of life, color, just like the finished product on a good manicure, clean, beautiful and lovely! Every time you work on your nails, think of the Goodness of God, and his amazing love for you! Choose whats lovely to guide your life! It is good. Father, we thank you for your strength and wisdom. Thank you for forgiving us when we seek and ask for such; may our beauty be from the inside out, that all will see your glory in and through us!  In Jesus  name, Amen. 


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    • awe, thank you, Sandy. hope all is well. we have not had much time to talk and do updates; with fb algorithms – friends posts get further and further down the line. unless we are always liking and talking with each other.


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