Where can I go

¨¨Oh, how I love ¨¨¨Psalm 139. 

What a promise of GOD’S omnipresence. He is with us always and everywhere.


4023 Road-1

There is no escaping Him. He hears our speech, sees our actions, knows our attitudes.

No hiding from the heart of God. He is Father. Lover of our soul.

Don’t run from him. He loves you – nothing you have ever done scares him away.

Live relaxed as you release your every concern.

Do what you need to do, but if you are struggling in any way, ask God for wisdom, he will give you all  the direction you need as you pray, and listen.


Don’t get ahead or lag behind. When you are quiet before Him. He will then guide you and open doors.

There is no escaping Him, He knows us even before we entered our mother’s womb. He protects us, loves us – as we trust HIM to help us. Releasing our hands and mindsets to allow him to enter and guide us.

When we hold on to things, we gain stress, worry, frustration and other negative issues. Release the “stuff” to him. Please. let go. It’s going to be ok. He keeps you in check.

3987 falling apart-1.jpg


I have personally lived with enough strife, worry and concerns that I held onto, thinking I could or needed to fix them. That makes the Father’s heart cry. It was when I let Him take the reigns, pray with desperation in my imperfection, and not able to find my way –

Know that God’s love is real, and never does he want to hurt or condemn you. He is the perfect Father, who has such grace and mercy. Envelope his amazing love and allow him to heal you.



Father, thank you for your love, I affirm your OmniPresence, you are with me and protecting me all the days of my life. I love you Jesus and thank you for your grace. 


Enjoy this wonderful Song, What mercy did for me; with Micah Taylor.



All photos are copyrighted and taken by   © 2017 Donna Balsavich aka Photos By Design. All rights reserved.

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