What is an anniversary?

…….A day that is set aside to celebrate and reflect. 0669 clouds As I was driving to my destination today, just as every April 24th rolls around for the past 21 years, a song has come on the radio, as if to say “I am with you Donna. Happy Anniversary, I still love you, even from Heaven.”, it touches my heart, and tears flow.

God works that way. Healing comes in the way of songs, notes, words someone might say. A reminder of the friendship that grew. Brian (my husband) was one of two trusted best friends in my life. Someone that I knew would have my back. He knew me. Although we had very different lifestyles. He was a bad boy growing up, and I never dared to get into any kind of trouble. He was incredibly worldly, I wasn’t. His very dry humor would make my eyes roll and want to have a drum in hand to do a BUDUM-Bump. He would do the same with my silly and sometimes very twisted humor. He was a Rocker to loud and obnoxious (my description to his style of music), I was a dancer to the beat. Yet with our differences, we found that middle ground. Neither of us arrived at perfection. We certainly had our share of shortcomings, big and small. Yet, There’s still Something that moves me still. Grief and love never go away.

You’re asking me will my love grow I don’t know, I don’t know You stick around and it may show I don’t know, I don’t know Something in the way she knows And all I have to do is think of her Something in the things she shows me I don’t want to leave her now You know I believe and how… (Something, by the Beatles – a wedding song we played, and one that touches my soul, 36 years later). ~ it is an Endless Love ********************************************************** — Although Brian is not here now, on earth, he is living in Heaven – free and full of joy. I rejoice in his freedom, and one day we will be together again. Jesus is real. Heaven is forever. Salvation was Brian’s on the day He said “Jesus live in my life, you are my Savior”. He struggled for 18 years with his denomination, who told him he (and I, because I wouldn’t covert to that denomination) was going to hell. So incredibly awful of a priest to say, because only God is the one who says WELCOME into The Kingdom. Forgiveness is yours  to ask for while on this earth. No one has to wait. Brian, through much prayer and guidance, found freedom, 18 years after struggling with what that one ugly comment, which had him spiritually bound and tied, for much too long. It is only through Jesus who is the Redeemer who freed Brian. I bet he never realized that he’d be a  white boy  who would dance — in heaven! Ha! This dancing girl DID teach him he’d dance! 🙂 yeah! ********************************************************* For those who have yet to loose a loved one to death, please never be cliche with those who are living with death of a loved one. The survived one, never EVER just gets OVER it. NEVER. That is one of the most inappropriate things to say. What should you say or do? Love. be there. Send a card. Inbox a big hello with a personal note. Just be there. The week of the death. And even years later. Never be cliche nor ignore the loss that is so evident after a death.

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