Who I am in Christ (Study)

7057 who i am in Christ

You, as a believer in Jesus, have the POWER to know that you are loved, strong and amazing because of what He did on the Cross, for you.


Never let the enemy tell you otherwise.

Here is one way to fight the enemy, by learning and knowing Scripture.

Click on the link below to begin your 30 day walk in journaling one verse a day. Print it, put it in your journal or bible, and pray as. you learn. God is a defender to those that love him.


Live in the freedom He offers……. no more doubt, fear, insecurity…. Praise him while you learn. He will honor your diligence and know,                                                     you are a WINNER in Christ!

More to come this month on Who we are in Christ…. come back to visit as I share more with you, we will conquer this together, as Kingdom warriors!

SCRIPTURE WRITING PLAN May 2018 Who I am in Christ


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