Squatters not welcome

6022 Be prepared Oh, how I love God’s word. It cuts to the core. Unlike the pious and pretentious world we live in today. Seems that political correctness is the mindset to live by according to today’s standards. NOT!  As Christians, we do not conform to the ways of the world. The Devil controls the airwaves, so we must be conscious to speak and LIVE in Christ, daily, moment by moment.   I was reading today in Psalms 53, I will be honest,  I can be daring with my conversation at times, but THIS chapter cuts to the core.  You can read the message version here. I am using the Message Bible as I read through the Word this year.   It is written in today’s language. Some don’t care for the Word to be untraditionally set, but sometimes we need to read various versions to help us understand better what is being said (versions that are true to the Judeo Christian beliefs).  In Ps. 53 today, I sat there and said OUCH a few times… and highlighted/noted a few words and key points. I was praying and talking to God before reading this chapter, (I love how the Holy Spirit prepares the way when we ask for HIS wisdom), so this really hit home for me personally.  During which, I know I have residue in my life that needs a deep cleansing. My spiritual heart weeps at my shortcomings. Yes, they are there. Some deep, and wide. I prayed, Lord, forgive me, heal me. I need your help to live like you. As a woman after God’s heart. That is my longing and deepest desire. May I be a light in this very dark world. I don’t want to be a “wannabe” follower of Christ. My desire is to be the real deal. For others to see HIM IN ME wherever I go. Yet, I fail. I fall short. Jesus knew I would. that was his purpose while he walked this earth. He is my example and my deepest desire to walk in his ways. High expectations yes. But if I don’t have those to look to, I, like stated in Psalm 53, am nothing more than foul, full of poison, stupid, empty, lacking, an imposter, and oh my, vs 5 hit me hard…… I certainly do NOT want to be labeled a  squatter. Ugh, YUCK and oh nasty. Squatters are people who occupy someplace with no legal right, live unlawfully, and basically, steal from the place they live in. I/ We need to keep guard, and a watchful eye to not let the enemy slither into our mind and lives.    We need to walk the walk of FAITH. How many people say they are a “Christ follower”? Self-labeled a Christian, but don’t read the Word. Never taking time to fellowship with other believers, or take time to pray and truly communicate with God?  I do love the Word of God, I have many Bibles and devotions I read, and truly, in my heart of hearts, in my deepest desire, want to utilize and walk out the life He has to offer me.  But, I still fall short. That is what I was praying for last night and this morning.  As I live this life, I have been hurt, assuredly hurt others (not purposefully of course, but miscommunication, or lack of ….. we know, stuff happens) and sometimes caught in the valleys that seemingly have no end. The death of loved ones that go before us occur…. often times much too soon, leaving voids and a heart that misses other so desperately it hurts. So many other issues that happen, the pain is real. But so is joy. What will we choose?  4904 Grace. Ephesians    It is in that place of desperate need, the need of HIS  GRACE to fill us up; but he won’t until I run into HIS arms, seeking forgiveness for the errs created, intentional or not. As you read the Word, I pray that you seek after the wisdom he wants to teach you. The wisdom that can be shared with others, by living it out. When dark times come, mistakes are made, quickly turn to Him and ask for his help and forgiveness. Walk with me in this life – that is oh so temporary, and live for Him. Shedding all things of that hinder us so we will be light to those we meet along our path. Together, we CAN conquer this world, because we have Jesus in us. Love you friends…. may today be a wonderful peaceful Beacon of Hope day for you.


Do you wonder if the devil is real? He is. Here are some scriptures that speak of him, and how to resist that skanky one. Here is a PDF for you to print out, (it’ll download to your computer). While you print that, grab your bible, pen, and journal to take notes. We have the power in JESUS to denounce the enemy of our soul.  Be sure to pray before you start, for wisdom and God’s protection while you study. He is faithful to answer your requests! 🙂 1 Corinthians 7:5 James 4:7 1 John 3:8 2 Corinthians 4:4 2 Corinthians 11:3 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Acts 5:3 Job 1:6-12 Matthew 16:23 Romans 16:20 Zacheriah 3:1-2 John 8:44 Genesis 3:1-5 Revelation 20:1-6 1 Peter 5:8-9 Ephesians 6:11-16
Scripture Mapping
Scripture Mapping Page

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