Review of Sandi Patty’s book THE VOICE

sandi the voice.jpg  Got done reading this wonderful book on Sandi’s life.  It’s amazing how we can be so gifted, yet struggle with something. We all do. Struggle. It’s real. It’s honesty that frees us from the pain of these issues.

Pain comes to kill steal and destroy, a ploy from Satan himself. We know that he lurks around to thwart God’s gifts in our lives.

Never ever believe those lies.

What is wonderful to understand, that people who are  known world wide, with great talents do INDEED have things to “deal” with that are hard.  We live in an age where its instant and quick – people in general don’t look at the whole picture, and only want to see the pretty stuff.   In a perfect world, that would be nice. I don’t like struggle either, not at all.  Reality is hard at times, but we CAN indeed have hope and wholeness. Sandi shares this in her new book THE VOICE.

I related to many insecurites that Sandi spoke of. One made me smile and chuckle a bit. (small spoiler  alert here). She said how she felt so uncomfortable reading outloud in class as a child. I did too! So much so, that she’d count how many people / paragraphs it would be til it came to her, I DID THE SAME THING. Because we didn’t think we had a voice.  It’d be embarassing if a word was spoken incorrectly, talked to soft or too loud. What if  a sneeze came  bursting out in the middle of a sentence? We didn’t want to be called out, nor embarrassed if we made a mistake.  How many others felt the same shame.  How sad. We should never have to feel insecure, especially as an innocent child.

The story goes on from there. Insecurites are real. It is how we deal with them that either  sends us in hiding or helps us to flourish! Choose to flourish!

But we are indeed more  than conquerors when we have Jesus in us.

Please get your copy today, and buy one for someone who struggles with some issue. This will help to bring understanding that no one has to live in silence. Freedom is ours. Take it!

Goodreads Review  – release date November 6th, 2018!