Trusting God Fully

My heart, mind and soul need some demolition work done on them. Why? So that the crud and old mindsets can be removed and I can be purified. This is a daily Reinvention! D.A.I.L.Y! yikes. Clean me up Jesus! I need this, so that when others look at me, my life, my shortcomings, failures and “stuff”, people will see my heart. A heart that is SOLD OUT for Jesus.

Dilapidated OLD BARN ©Photos by Design

This will bring intentional progress within my broken and busted up heart. You see, sometimes I lose patience. Sometimes I’m snarky and curt. I even have fear of what might happen, anxiety that reeks havoc on my soul, makes me worn out and tired. Even discouragement can take over my mind! Then, there’s the lack of trust. Oh my… what’s a girl to do?!?!? I have to relinquish and expose my heart to my Savior. Jesus is his name. Do you know him? He heals the wounded heart. Yes he does. He is faithful.

©Photos By Design 2020

Lord, let me faithfully trust you with ALL of me. No inhibitions. I will fulfill my destiny, purpose and see my dreams that YOU put in my heart come to fruition. Yes indeed!

© Photos by Design

The layers of protection I added to save myself, to cover my heart and mind, so as to not feel the pain or hurt, Lord you wash it away. I know You can fill me up. Allow me to walk in your strength, not my own. You are my Protector. The spiritual erosion must be clarified so freedom oozes from my pores

One thing I know for sure, God’s love never changes, it runs deep and wide. I am done with the disconnect between my faith and the way I actually live.

I am GROUNDED in FAITH, that is my desire.

Father, God, thank you for loving me so much, that I can run to you and you catch me from falling. You fill my cup to overflow so I can live with freedom. You are my Good Good Father! Amen

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