Review of Rest Now, by Kelly Balarie

Book Review of Rest Now by Kelly Balarie

This crazy busy society leaves no room to rest. Not just sleep rest, but peaceful rest. The sincere rest of the soul. How do we obtain that? Only with Christ.

Kelly offers us such a powerful, practical and sincere way to simply breath. To let go of the busy, performance mindset, to appreciate life to the fullest That can be tough. I lived through many seasons of total whacked out crazy tired, sometimes not so pretty times where I thought I might fall apart. That is not the way God intended for us to live.

There is a wholeness we gain through Christ, that offers a real rest. When we are joined with Christ, who is the Prince of Peace, we gain so much more than doing this life like a marathon race.

The Word of God offers us such wisdom on how to trust Him for peace.
When you run yourself to the ground, end up worn out and exhausted, Look to Him. He is the Master Peace Maker.

In the intro of the book, Kelly reminds us that we ALREADY have peace. We don’t have to achieve it. Nor wait for it. We do not earn it. We have it when we live in Christ.

Wouldn’t it be nice to really live life worry free, and trusting God more? Kicking anxiety to the curb, to be able to appreciate life in the now!?!? Ah, folks, we CAN have that.

Less overachieving creates a more peaceful mind. When we let God take the reigns, knowing He will guide us – IF we choose to truly LIVE IN HIM, oh……. it seems daunting, I get it! But wowza, the overflow of amazing love that flows through our soul and mind when we know our Daddy is in control. (—-> do you realize ….. y.o.u. aren’t really in control?). The more we strive, the more difficult life gets. Sigh. Been there. Done that. Ate the cake. Got sick from too much of too much of what I thought was a good thing! Big S.I.G.H. Time to breath in …. breath out. Now, sing : Let it Go, Let it GO. let it gooooooo. 🙂

Don’t allow others to control your schedule.

We need something more in life. NOT things… but ‘soul rest‘. #restnow

Acquiring more only leads to more work to maintain, and working harder to make more money for those things. God gives peace that passes all understanding. THAT is what we need. Philippians 4:7

One of my favorite parts of this book, each chapter ends in a prayer, and has focus questions for you to do personal reflections! We ALL need to take time to reflect and ask ourselves the hard questions. It’s the best way to make positive changes in our life. This book has so much more to it… please – if you are at your wits end, please please, please, go to Amazon now, and order your copy. Take time to read this book and allow God to make changes from the inside out. You’ll be glad you did!